Doepfer MS404 infos ?

From jsdejong
Sent Sat, Jul 15th 1995, 04:00


    >  You heard the demo. How about giving us YOUR opinion!!
 L > If the demo on the Future Music Cd is any indication it's not anything 
 L > special. Sounded much weaker than any of the other "clones" in the bass 
 L > dept and the BassStation has a lot more in terms of programability (and I 
 L > don't think that's amazing either) a SH101 blows all these creatures away 
 L > IMO. (That I do like) 

Well, don't trust the Future Music demo's!!
On allmost all 303 clones they reviewed they did an awful demo!
They just don't seem to know how the real thing sounds, because they
refused any tweaking, sliding etc...Really stupid!