Re: Doepfer Madness !

From Adam Muntner
Sent Mon, Oct 9th 1995, 00:28

In Tempe, Arizona there is a store called Music Brokers (602)929-0777 
that has a msq100 for $100... call and offer 80 plus shipping. Ask for 
Vic there... They also have a Prophet 2002, and some other cool stuff.

On Sun, 8 Oct 1995, MATT SAUER wrote:

> Does the Doepfer MIDI-->sync box go both ways?  I need a sync-->MIDI clock
> (and start/stop, if possible) box.  Should I just keep looking for a used
> MSQ or are there more modern/feature-laden solutions?  I'm looking to use
> my PPG for master clock when using its arpeggiator, and slave my sequencer.
> Thanks in advance.
> Matt