Re: [AH] Frostwave SSM ???

From dj hohum
Sent Wed, Jun 20th 2007, 03:46

While the debate for the most glorious filter rages on, it's pretty
well accepted that the 2040 and the 2044 do NOT sound the same.

The original emulator used the 2044, the emulator II used the 2045. As
has already been pointed out, the Deopfer 105 is a 2044 in a module.
The 2045 is a VCF/VCA combo chip similar to the CEM 3372. It might be
the 2044 + 2 vcas, or, something else, perhaps Paul S. knows the
details of the internals.

I'm also fairly sure that the MOTM is a discrete design and does not
use the 2040 VCF.  I believe J=FCrgen Haible has a discrete clone design
on his website and you can also see another design based on this on
Rene Schmitz's site.

If you want a REAL 2040 filter then you can get one if you find the
right octave cat. Since it has an external filter input and, I
believe, CV input for the filter, you can use it fairly easily.

So, in summary, 2044, easy and cheap to get. Real 2040, expensive and
hard to get, clone 2040, expensive and easy to get.

Hope that helps.

On 6/19/07, Matthew Davidson <> wrote:
> On Jun 19, 2007, at 8:58 PM, ... snafu ... wrote:
> > is there a box out there, that recaptures the sound of the SSM
> > filters like they were built in to the emulator2 and others?
> Doepfer A-105