(amb) Re: A Matter of Production (or whatever)

From cevallos
Sent Fri, May 7th 1999, 19:59

On Fri, 7 May 1999 13:54:08 -0400 Jeremy Hollister <xxxxxx@xxx.xxx>
>         I agree with this entirely! there are certain producers, ie 
> David Holmes, UFO, krush,  etc. Who are actually good djs in that they 
> feel  what's going on in a room.
>         Others just don't cut it, for example I saw Amon Tobin spin 
> in  NYC, and it was just dismal. I dig is music but after seeing him 
> spin I  was put off. Same thing happened to me regarding the Yellow 
> Pructions "crew", love their music, but can stand their "dj" sets.

Yeah, I heard Amon spin in Baltimore.  Granted the other two DJs on the
bill were Mixmaster Morris and Jonah Sharp (very tough acts to follow),
but he was WEAK!  The mixing was just not there.  I guess he was going
for an abstract set, but the songs should at least flow into one another
-- not to mention beatmatched.  I too like his music but he can't mix to
save his life.  IMHO, of course.

>         I defintely appreciate a good dj who puts together an 
> eclectic and  mixed combination that no single band could match. On the
> hand,  seeing "knob-twiddlers" live can't hold a candle to live
> grooving.

I have to disagree here.  When I saw Autechre and Push Button Objects
about 3 years ago in Miami Beach THEY ROCKED MY WORLD!  It was the most
surreal experience to hear such beautiful music melting the speakers and
watch these cats do their thing on the keyboards while sequencing on a
desktop live.  WOW!  :) 


Pedro Cevallos
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