Seen the new bass synth

From Haible_Juergen#Tel2743
Sent Wed, Feb 7th 1996, 03:35


Just wanted to let You know that I have seen the new analogue
bass synth MAM MB-33 working.
It does the typical 303-stuff (original filter, glide, etc.) just fine,
as far as I can tell. I think it's far cheaper than the Doepfer 404,
so this might be the new Low-Cost clone.
As it was built by a friend of mine, I had the chance to look inside
it, and I have to say despite of its low price it is built with very high
quality. Very solid and robust.
PLEASE do NOT respond to me - don't ask me for details (You
know I am not so much into the 303 stuff, so it would kind of annoy me).
I even don't have the adress of MAM here at the moment, but I posted
it some time ago, and some people from the list have already
contacted them.
Just to let You know - it's out meanwhile (though the demand is higher
than the supply: I think the first run is already sold out to preorders!).