[AH] re: Bubblesound filter?

From ndkent
Sent Tue, Dec 9th 2008, 07:29

> was just browsing Analog Haven website and saw this filter: http:// 
> www.analoguehaven.com/bubblesound/sem20vsf
> Don't recall hearing anything about either the manufacturer of the  
> module.  Anyone have any experience with the module?  Apologies iof  
> this was already mentioned, I haven;t been keeping up with mailing  
> lists much lately.

Ran into that too.

I'd have to add how it compares to the more compact and much cheaper  
Doepfer A-106-5 is a good question.

The Bubblesound adds individual mode outs and an adjustable notch  
balance not found on the original or Doepfer but lacks the Doepfer's  
and original's pot that pans through 3 modes.

None of the modules offer VC on the mode mix or VC on the resonance.