Re: Scary Music! Boo!

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On Mon, 7 Nov 1994, Kathleen Vrshek wrote:

> I'm looking for some scary music to listen to.  Something along the lines 
> of the following:
> Coil-the Snow EP and Hellraiser Themes (especially the MBM remixes)
> Aphex Twin-, SAW II, Analogue Bubblebath 2 and 3 (the songs)
> Tangerine Dream-Phaedra 
> Ambient 4-Isolationism (haven't heard the whole thing...any verdicts)
> Tell me what scares (enough to freak you out) to listen to.  PS-Let's 
> limit that to music, thank you.
> Kathy, mistress of the dark.

Hey Hey Mistress! >8-)

Top Ten Scares:

1) Cranioclast: Icons VI-XI
2) Nocturnal Emissions: Glossalalia
3) Nocturnal Emissions: Magnetized Light
4) Alio Die: Introspective
5) Zabriskie Point: Hands To Turn Hands To
6) Alio Die: The Door of Possibilities (track 5 especially)
6) Halfler Trio: take your pick (for the most part...)
7) Skinny Puppy: take your pick
8) Polygon Window: about half the tracks
9) Severed Heads: particular tracks off City Slab Horror (especially 
   voices of the dead) 
10) Cranioclast: all the stuff I don't own yet :)


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