AW: polys that give good mono

From Haible_Juergen#Tel2743
Sent Wed, Oct 25th 1995, 20:07

> It seems that Voice Assignment/Allocation Modes are one of those
> things which are very important to a polyphonic synth, but also
> something noone really talks about (at least not on this list).

I did, but there wasn't many response. I am sure that the *main*
difference in sound of a rev3 P5 and an Obie is due to different
voice allocation. Everything else is just second order.

Before I got my P5 ( I sold my ESQ-1 to get the space for another
keyboard) I thought it would be a waste of space to have two
different "great" analogues with rather pure, non dynamic, keyboards.
I thought I'd either sell the Prophet or the Obie sooner or later.
Nothing like this happened. Kill me if You want to get one of them!

Now it seems I *need* a third one of these non-velo-keyboard
monsters. When I had a JP-6 some years ago, I didn't care for
voice allocation. But now I think I will need a Juppy again, plus
this damn clever upgrade ROM. God knows where I will put this
board in my tiny little room, but I'll find a way!

> I know of a few other modes as well, such as low note/high note
> priority with a monosynth (I think this was done for design reasons
> in the days before microprocessor scanned keyboards), but last note
> priority seems to work so much better that I can't see the point in
> continuing to use them.

Please (!!!) include high/low note priority. Each of the three modes is
extremely useful. The fact that Doepfer won't add a low note priority
option to his MCV1 made me switch to Kenton for Midi->CV converters.
(I don't know why the hell this man doesen't include that option.
He told me I was the first one who asked. I simply don't believe this!)


BTW: This digest was one of the best ones ever. We had Moog
             discussion, tape splicing history, voice allocation modes,
             potentiometer advice - analogue at its best. Just the humble
             opinion of one who *almost* left - I am glad I didn't !