Re: tangerine dream

From Mark Pulver
Sent Fri, Jun 27th 1997, 23:00

DAC Crowell (01:53PM 6/27/97 -0500) wrote:

>At 13:19 27/6/1997 -0400, wrote:
>>I don't know about Tangerine Dream actually coming up with the ideas, but
>>long time Tangerine Dream was the showcase of the PPG Wave synths. They may
>>>have been behind that synth a tad.
>Yeah, in fact they were. There's been a lot of info about Wolfgang Palm and
>his relationship to TD and company scattered about, so I'll distill it down
>here just for the sake of eliminating all the hunting...

There was also a lot of TD's influence involved in the Doepfer MAQ 16/3


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