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From Mark Pulver
Sent Wed, Oct 29th 1997, 16:32

>I'm wondering: has it been established that the Nord Modular will have
>inputs?  Standard?  As an option?

Yes, there are two audio inputs. Standard.



>If it has the envelope followers
>and such to permit variation in processing relative to input signal
>characteristics then it could get truly crazy.


>There was talk by one of the
>Clavia guys about doing a VOCODER module, right?  That takes inputs,
>& envelope followers to properly accomplish.  Must all come standard?

Yes as to talk, not yet know if it will ship at first release.

Armadillo got their first load in last Friday. It looks like they're going
out to dealers as demos and are not to be sold. My personal machine is
another two weeks out.

>>And, at the price Nord's offering it, though, it isn't a big
>>cost savings. You can get a basic Doepfer modular system for that price.
>Sounds like you can get more than one 'modular' up and running at once on
>the Nord.  The versatility (sp?) is the advantage with the Nord ("hm, I
>think I need to patch ten of these just downloded virtual frequency
>in series to get the type of chorusing I had in mind on this el-wacko
>1000 synthetic trumpet preset.")

The stock machine will support up to 4 separate patches playing at once,
each pointed at it's own audio output.

This shouldn't be confused with the synth being polyphonic. In an "average"
patch, the synth offers 4 voice polyphony. The number of available voices
will dynamically change based on patch complexity. There will be an
expansion card available that will generally double the number of voices in
the synth.

In all this "phooey on fake modular's" discussion, the one point thatpeople
are missing is that with the Nord Modular (or, to be fair, the Kyma systems
as well), you can design a _VERY_ complex patch - like on a physical
modular system - and then play it *polyphonically*.

This is an AWESOME capability.

I've generated many complex polyphonic lines on my modular gear via the
painstaking (yet pure) method of multi-tracking single lines. But to now be
able to grab hold of a complex patch and play it polyphonically will be
incredible. Keep in mind that playing "polyphonically" doesn't mean just
grabing a C Major chord... melodies and counter melodies at the same time,
single note punches while playing a lead, defining a morph based on
keyboard position...

I can hardly wait...

There is more info now on Clavia's site:

The marketing brochure is scanned and online at:

>>I don't think the fact that the Nord Modular can store and recall 
>>patches makes it unworthy simply because it's not something you 
>>spend oodles of time restringing patches on, as you imply, FYI. 
>>This would put an awful lot of good synths into that unworthy 
>>category: Prophet 5, Jupiter 8, Matrix 12, Xpander...
>Xpander, there it is again.  Could I really dump the prize I sought for 18
>months just like that?  How fickle I am.  It all depends on the timing
>resolution of the DSP operations.

I have a good amount of gear, that's no mystery to the list, and I've been
looking at my gear list and wondering if I should trim it down with respect
to the Modular showing up.

My answer, at least today, is that no, I won't be selling anything off.
Each piece of gear that I have has a place in my sonic palette. This
includes two out of the four pieces of gear that were mentioned in that
short list, the P5 and Xpander. :)

There isn't much crossover in my gear (not including dups) when it comes to
sonic ability. If financial considerations come into play when purchasing
_any_ piece of gear, and you have to get rid of something, then I think
that's the hardest decision in the world to make for anyone. Hopefully
someone will be in the spot that they can make a smart choice by looking at
their sonic capabilities and deciding on if there's overlap.

The Nord Modular will hold a high place in "The Modular Closet" and may
just get used more than a lot of the other gear hanging around. If I find
that it can take the place of other pieces, then it may warrant another
look at the situation. :)

Sorry, small soapbox. Anyway... In the specific case of the Xpander...
There's no way that the Nord Modular will take the place of my Xpander.
While I would guess that there will be _some_ crossover in sonics, there
won't be enough _playability_ crossover to cause me to let go. :)

>If I can run a PAiA sawtooth into a Nord
>input and use it to FM the filter cutoff of a filter that is filtering the
>sound of my girlfriend's cat purring into a Mic connected to another Nord
>audio input then I may be sold.


btw... Yes, you can do this with the Nord. :)

>If it's fast and acurate enough to use
>input audio rate signals as virtual control voltages in it's synthesis,
>It's fast enough for me.

You'll love it dude....


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