Re: [AH] analog modular w/ d-g-t-l CV's

From Guy D2
Sent Fri, Jul 25th 2008, 22:26

Thanks for the info, Matthew.
I wasn't hoping for hybrid/digital audio sources like VCO's though. I'  
m aware of those, but they carry little interest with me since those  
are typical for defining "the analog sound". Not so with sub-audio  
sources, I believe.

The 200e comes closest to what I had in mind, but is - as these things  
usually go - somewhat out of my and possibly a few more synthesist's  


On 25 Jul 2008, at 22:05, Matthew Davidson wrote:

> On Jul 25, 2008, at 3:46 PM, Guy D2 wrote:
>> Is there a particular reason why the current crop of modulars is  
>> not using digitally generated CV's for control modules like LFO's,  
>> EG's, S/H's and similar ?
> There are plenty of hybrid designs if you look around.
> The Doepfer MCV24 has software ADSRs and LFOs that can be output as CV
> The Buchla 200e is an extreme hybrid approach, freely converting  
> analog to digital and back again. The elements exposed to the user  
> is primarily analog (patch cords and such).
> mfb has some designs like the osc-01 that are digital inside, but  
> use analog CV interfacing
> The Blacet/Wiard Miniwave is mostly digital inside, with analog CV  
> interfacing
> Plan B is producing some hybrid modules.
> The AS RS370 polyphonic osc is mainly digital, but with CV interfacing
> Simple circuits like LFOs and S&H's are possibly easier/still cost  
> effective to remain analog as a primary module. I haven't fallen in  
> love with a digital envelope, ever, personally. This is something  
> that is just more effective as analog for short transients.
> But, I do see hybrid designs as a solid future direction for  
> modulars. I wouldn't mind seeing a digital module for generic slow  
> control voltages, like LFOs and S&H CVs, etc.. You might be able to  
> pack eight outputs of programmable voltage thingies in a cost- 
> effective unit. It might also be easier to create an complex  
> arbitrary break point function in the digital domain.