[AH] Re: Gear Recommendation: Doeper R2M

From Jan-Hinnerk Helms
Sent Fri, Jul 6th 2007, 21:56

/MM wrote:

> I'd like that to add that I don't think a direct comparison between
> the Doepfer R2M and the ExpressionMate is totally fair. You can
> compare the R2M with the ExpressionMate ribbon controller (and that's
> what you do), but people in general don't seem to be aware that the
> ribbon controller is only about 20% of the ExpressionMate. It is also
> a very advanced MIDI tool that can convert, transform and generate
> MIDI data in many different ways. For example it is one of very few
> machines that can convert breath controller data to MIDI. I believe
> the only currently available box that does this is the MIDI Solutions
> Breath Controller. That box does nothing else but costs $199 alone...

Hi MM,

right, the Expression mate does much more than just being a ribbon  
controller, and even for the ribbon it offered new functionalities. I  
remember 2 of these: splitting the ribbon into three smaller parts  
and assign different data to these, and using the ribbon to strum the  
notes of a chord held on a keyboard.

But I never used these and the other MIDI data treatment functions,  
as I am really only interested in the ribbon controller  
functionality. For the same reason, I have no plans to use the  
arpeggiator of the R2M. So for me it boiled down to liking or not  
liking the surface material. No disrespect for the functionality of  
the Expression Mate was intended.

Regarding your comments about the foot controller: Yes, it was great  
that the Expression Mate had a breath controller input. Luckily I  
bought a new Anatek Wind Machine 15 years ago for a sell-out price of  
40 DM (that's about 20 Euros or 27 Dollar) to use my breath  
controller with, but it is just another box with a wall wart attached  
to it. Would be nice if this connector was included in every modern  
synthesizer. Why nobody in contemporary instrument production except  
the new chinese CME master keyboards offers a breath controller  
input, is beyond me.

BTW: does anybody know how a breath controller works electrically and  
connection-wise? Would it be possible to somehow connect it to an  
active foot controller pedal input?

Best regards,