Re: (fwd) Doepfer Info/contact

From Bo Vestergaard
Sent Fri, Sep 29th 1995, 18:35

On Fri, 29 Sep 1995, Legion wrote:

> I pulled this from RMMS this morning. hope it helps...
> ================+++++++++++++++++++=====================
> Hello from Doepfer US,
> The MAQ16/3 analog sequencer from Doepfer has three rows of 16 dials
> with LED's , 3 CV/Gate ouputs and MIDI in/out. It's also programmable with
> Douglas Wagner
> Doepfer US

ack. I didn't know the maq16/3 was cv/gate also ... how much was it again 
in germany .... please

ACID IS THE DRUG : bo vestergaard