Re: [AH] The essence of vintage gear - parts? - age? - design? - mytholo

From Paul Schreiber
Sent Mon, Jun 4th 2007, 07:05

> Can a model 12 sound four times better (an approximation), or be four
> times as useful as a MOTM system. Or six to seven times better than a
> doepfer system. I was looking through some material serge sent me
> around 2000, those prices seem like a downright bargain compared to
> what the vintage gear is going for.

Probably not, but that is not why most people spend big $$$s on Moog
modulars. You are buying *history*, something that will not ever be
made again.
>  I recently saw a web page, which I can't seem to find,  which showed 
> someone's
> recreation of the moog 904A. He claimed that this filter had that
> certain "something".  What is that "something"?

Probably mine. The 904A does have a 'certain something' (which is in the 
which happens to be tied to impedances in the feedback/resonance loop. It can be
measured with the proper equipment (in my case an Audio Precision test set).

In most cases, there are specific reasons things sound the way they do. 
it is obvious, sometimes it is not. Sometimes there is no "reason" at all except
wishful thinking :)

Paul S.