Doepfer in KEYs on filters (fwd)

From Stefan Gruhl
Sent Thu, Jan 12th 1970, 01:00

> There is a statement by Mr. Doepfer printed, where he claims
> that there is no real difference between a Minimoog filter and
> a TB-303 filter, at least no more than component tolerances!
And he is true ! Basically there isn't.
Its both LP, and pleasant and fun. And there isn't a difference
between a Mercedes and a Toyota, except some small differences
in comfort, which is all subjective :-)

No honestly, you got to read the whole thing witha clever sense, look:

In ANY ! article the product is said:
"It's good, especially for the price, and a good buy, but there are
these minor bad things, so it is good and bad and buy it, but don't
blame us if you dislike it. And:

DEAR MAnufacture,
we love you, do adverts here, and

DEAR OTHER manufacturer, do aslo adverts here, as
we haven't praised the other product that much , that people have
to buy it, but still watch for your advert to still get yours,....

You see? It's always the same and its not bad, becasue that works.


And they can't support the analogue hype, otherwise our gear would
explode in worth, and nobody on the professional business side would
earn money. Not the manufacturers today, and thus not them...

Say thanks to the, the next time you buy cheap !


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