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<<the problem with the doepfer
is that you *have* to patch it together. Do you really want to *always* do
this ?
Especially with these tiny jacks on crowded front panels? One look at this
unit at the Frankfurt Musikmesse last year was enough for me to know that
I would *never* wanted such a thing. (And this speaks someone who loves
modular systems in general.)>>

I love patch cords.  I love looking at them, touching them, plugging them in,
unplugging them, putting them on the floor and rolling around on them (just
kidding on that one), wearing them around while patching, getting my watch
caught on them in a tweaking frenzy (I need a smoother watch), putting big,
plastic spiders in the really crowded areas, tracking down the glitchy ones; I
love them!
It's part of the analog ritual!
My Moog and ARP look positively naked with no patch cords in them.  Once they
are filled up, they are dressed up and ready to go!
Hit that "Record" button!

Zon (