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I didn't excuse Mati of blowing that VCO. I have no idea who did it.   
I do know it was dead when it got here, and quickly realized how it  
got that way once i put it in the bench.,  Unfortunately my VCO's  
expo pair can't withstand that shock and it goes.  If the analog  
switch used was made by Vishay rather than Analog Devices there is a  
50 50 chance it will blow as well. If an old-type DOepfer case is  
used, both the AD and VIshay switch will go, along with the LS318  
matched tranny pair used in the expo converter. After a while these  
trends become easy to pick off.

The reason why went there however was I felt Mati was making a point  
that was irrelevant to the problem he's experiencing and saw it as a  
degrading comment over a constructive one. I believe he was trying to  
make a point, wasn't sure why he needed to do that and I responded  
factually and admittedly, with candor.  The restraint you speak of   
goes both ways, does it not?

Bottom line - I'm here to help.   I want to help him and anyone else  
through any problems they may be experiencing with our products.  In  
that process however - let's stick to the problem, let's work  
together to fix it. No need to drag umpty-ump other people into it,  
no need to have to dodge bullets in the process of trying to put your  
arms around a problem to get a guy back on the road as quickly as  
possible. That's I find as complete turn-off.

respectfully submitted,

- P

On Aug 1, 2007, at 6:41 PM, dj hohum wrote:

> Quick story. I once bought a mountain bike which ended up having a
> problem with the stem. When I took it in for warranty repair the shop
> said that it looked like someone had jammed a screwdriver in there. I
> looked in, and agreed, that's what it looked like. The trouble is,
> they assumed that it was me who did the jamming. I tried to point out
> that I had done no work on my bike besides changing tubes and
> replacing the seat, but they wouldn't have it, their tech was
> impeccable. Well, he wasn't and he was a liar.
> Now, I don't know who plugged the module in backward or if it even
> was. But, the high road would have been to keep that information to
> yourself. It's not likely that your customers will ever want to sell
> me something, but, you just might. Claims made with such certainty of
> blame are a complete turnoff for me and trigger the same doubt of
> integrity that I still maintain for that bicycle shop.
> FWIW I've worked in electronics repair and I've heard the endless
> customer stories and I know they are often full of it. But, you always
> give the benefit of the doubt and maintain the highest possible
> professional integrity.
> Just my .02
> daryl
> On 8/1/07, Plan B (Peter Grenader) <> wrote:
>> It was returned to us DOA because it had been plugged in  
>> backwards.  I know
>> this because Q1 and the analog switch used in the saw waveshaper  
>> were gone.
>> This is what happens when they are plugged in backwards.  We  
>> repaired free
>> of charge, although this damage is not covered by our warranty.
>> You're never going to get 'perfectly' in tune.  It's an analog  
>> VCO.  If this
>> is what you want, we will gladly replace the unit with something  
>> else from
>> our product line.  You need to make the decision if what you are  
>> getting is
>> musical or not.  Over 400 of these have been sold - we have not  
>> received the
>> number of complaints which match the aggrevation you're  
>> experiencing, so I
>> suspect there is something wrong.  But you've got to follow the  
>> procedure in
>> determining this.  I keep seeing the word "tuner" in your responses.
>> Here's something else i can do.  I've spent today making a  
>> slideshow (with
>> audio) that outlines this procedure.  It's about to be uploaded  
>> onto You
>> tube.  If you're not getting results like this, then it's  
>> defective and we
>> wiil gladly deal with that.
>> Personally, we've got nothing we're trying to hide here --  if you  
>> wish to
>> continue copying the group on this, I'm OK with it.  But if you'd  
>> like
>> (read:  if they would prefer) , maybe we could take this offline?   
>> It's
>> totally up to you.
>> - P
>> mati-2 wrote:
>>> I have responded to your initial email offline.
>>> my responses inline.
>>> On Aug 1, 2007, at 9:54 AM, Plan B (Peter Grenader) wrote:
>>>> Mati -
>>>> Just looked over my in basket and found that you had written us a
>>>> series of
>>>> letters and posted a couple on the AH list as well asking
>>>> specifically about
>>>> 1v/oct adjustments on the VCO BEFORE you purchased the unit.  Now
>>>> there are
>>>> problems once you have (weird coincidence?), I've got some
>>>> questions for
>>>> you:
>>>> 1) In one of those letters you asked about powering the unit off of
>>>> 15 volts
>>>> instead of 12.  Which are you using?
>>> standard doepfer A-100P case.
>>>> 2)  How 'off' was the tracking when you received the unit?  If
>>>> you're only
>>>> getting three octaves - then the 1v/oct trimmer (i tested this
>>>> yesterday)
>>>> would have been 1- to 12 turns short of the 'sweet spot' for
>>>> adjusting it in
>>>> the only the four octave range (it's a 25 turn pot).    This is  
>>>> highly
>>>> suspicious to me, suggeting that this unit had not been cal'd  
>>>> when it
>>>> shipped.  If this was the case, then this pot was never touched.
>>>> Problem is,
>>>> we don't install knobs on our units until they have passed final  
>>>> test.
>>>> That's my safeguard to assure that they have in fact been tested  
>>>> and
>>>> calibrated.
>>> when I initially got the oscillator - it was DOA. then I returned it
>>> to your shop - you guys fixed it (really quickly I might add) and
>>> shipped it back. as far as how off, as stated in my email to you  
>>> that
>>> I sent you privately, just when I think I am close to getting it
>>> perfectly in tune, the screw starts clicking and will not adjust any
>>> further - so not very.
>>>> 3) Did your unit arrive without knobs? Pardon if that seems like a
>>>> silly
>>>> is however the obvious one.
>>> no - had knobs. looks great.
>>>> 4)  I cal'd a Model 15 here last night, then powered it up gain,
>>>> this time
>>>> at 1`5 volts.  Hat was a perfect 6 octave adjustment before was now
>>>> a bit
>>>> under 4 octaves.  Are you powering this unit off of 15 volts?
>>> see above - 12v
>>>> please let me know and thanks,
>>>> - P
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