Re: [AH] analog japan?

From Robert Hoffman
Sent Tue, Dec 7th 2004, 06:59

Their prices looked good a few years ago. They were at least=20
competitive. Now they're just out of control. I almost bought a few=20
System 100m racks from them but we couldn't connect on the deal. All my=20=

emails were answered somewhat vaguely. I recently emailed them about a=20=

Yamaha VL1m which they've listed on EBAY for the last year at $2998=20
which is almost twice it's current market value. They have no interest=20=

in dealing even though I'd buy it immediately for the right price.


On Monday, December 6, 2004, at 11:54 AM, alex prescott wrote:

> anyone have any experience with them?  professional looking site,=20
> items look great, but the prices?!!!
> good lawd!!!
> i've tried emailing them, but the emails always bounce because their=20=

> mailbox is full.
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