Doepfer A-100 modular

From DJMaytag
Sent Sat, Feb 24th 1996, 18:39

i was wondering if anyone had some more info about this modular system,
especially comments about the newer modules (high end VCO, multimode VCF,
etc). it sounds like it'd be something interesting to play with.

i have read a bit about it in the archives, but most of it was about the
system before the newer modules came out. the newer modules (esp the high
end VCO) are what i'm interested in buying, probably this summer.

please, i'm aware that this system probably doesn't compare to a serge or a
moog, so please, no flames. constructive criticism, yes.


three things to remember about me:
1) i'm not a dj
2) i have no intentions of becoming a dj
3) i'm not a washer and dryer repairman either.