Re: [AH] Doepfer USA

From Legion
Sent Thu, Jan 6th 2000, 17:16

> >  Anyone seen their site lately?   I saw the great sale
> > at and was wondering if Enport was able to get the gear at the
> > same price.

The prices are slightly higher but still cheaper than if you bought it
in Germany and then had to pay shipping and import duty.

>From the Enport Doepfer Web page:

Millennium Specials while supplies last: 

A-100 BSI or II $1350, 
MAQ 16/3 $575, 
Regelwerk $625, 
Schaltwerk $1150, 
Drehbank $395, 
MS 404 $299, 
MCV24 $450, 
MCV4 $107, MAUSI $148, 
MSYII $90 (power supply not included)

I spoke with Doug @Enport yesterday afternoon right before he was
leaving on vacation (he's closed until Monday I believe). Here's the
scoop on the sale:

Each dealer was given the same limited number of the above units to sell
at the special price. As of yesterday Enport had sold out of all the
A100 systems. They also sold all the MAQ sequeners in stock but may be
able to order another one if their stock was less than their alloted
number of units in the sale (see how this works?)

Enport had a few Shatwerks and all the other Misc stuff still available.
The sale is on until the dealer sells their alloted # of units so in
this case the sale is over for the A100 systems but still on for the
Shaltwerk in the US. Another dealer may still have some A100 units etc
if they haven't sold their alloted # but they are required to sell these
in their own country so each location probably has a different sale

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