Re: Kenton Pro-4 & selfbuilt

From vance
Sent Mon, Mar 20th 1995, 10:38

  I didn't understand that puthbutton idea, but as this thread as already
  been around I stressed the NEED of several cv,cv,gate triples for
  several Midi channels to Vance.
  I have two Doepfer boxes here, each supplying my with one pair of CV/gate.
  I would keep them, expecially as they also do the Korg MS20 scale.

  But one Box (19" dream!) for a whole bunch of old loveys would be cOOl !

Here is my current thought.  A small circuit board which could be
configured either for 2 channels of CV, CV, gate or 4 channels of CV,
gate.  The processor chip I am looking at (an EEPROM PIC processor) is
only an 18 pin IC and includes all RAM and EPROM required internally.
The external circuitry would consist of D/A converters, a few caps and
resistors, the optoisolator and connector for MIDI in, and a couple of
trim pots to fine tune the thing.  If you did not need all the
channels you could leave some of the parts out.  The board would
certainly be small enough to put several in a 19" rack module.

Selections for MIDI channel and MIDI controller for second CV (Mod
wheel would be the default) could be set with jumpers on the board or
brought out to a front panel.  Is a selection for highest, lowest,
earliest, or latest note wins (when polyphonic data comes in) desired?

On clocks, would just putting out a clock every
quarter/eighth/sixteenth note based on MIDI clocks be what you want?
Also, what "scale" does the MS20 use?  What is its gate's voltage and

-Vance Gloster