RE: [AH] Ho-hum...vocoders, vocoders

From Mark Pulver
Sent Thu, Jun 10th 1999, 22:35

Brigman, Corley (03:41 PM 6/9/99) wrote:

 >> The NEXT! VOX-11, the MAM VF-11, and the FAT PCP330 are all the same
 >> machine. MAM is the parent, NEXT! and FAT are making the
 >> machine under license.
 >> The VC-10 is lesser in quality (intelligibility) than the VF-11.
 >> "The real thing"? What do you consider the real thing? An EMS 5000?
 >> I also hear that the Doepfer A100 module is good. And there's
 >> the old VP330
 >> from Roland...
 >So how do the digital boxes stack up against these? Things like
 >the Boss SE-70 and the Clavia micromodular. i like the sound of
 >my se70, and i wonder what's missing from it that's in things
 >like the EMS boxes....

I can talk to the Micro/Nord modular...

(and for those paying attention, yes, I copied this from my response on 
Sonic State. Sorry Corley - I'm being lazy today)

The downside to the Nord Modular / Micro Modular vocoder module is that you 
can't control the level of the individual bands.

This can be worked around by dropping either the shelving or parametric EQ 
module after the vocoder, but the center frequencies of the bands aren't 
labeled, so it'll become a guessing session to filter out what you don't want.

On the WAY upside, you can play wonderful games with remapping the output 
of the analysis bands to the synthesis bands. This can get you some great 
effects for controlling the upper freqs in a string patch from a kick drum. :)

I have both the MAM VF-11 and the Nord Modular. I perfer the _sound_ of the 
MAM, but the flexibility of the NordM is cool. :)