Re: [AH] battery powered analogs?

From Florian Anwander
Sent Wed, May 11th 2005, 12:04

Hi Ryan=20

> well if any knows of any battery powered anlaoogs i might of missed=20
> please let me know?:-)
Is have a 3HE rack for Doepfer A100 modules, which is equipped with two 1=
2V powerpacks and several modules for theremin like actions. See: http://=
The powerpacks give power for at least 4 hours of sound with unregulated =
voltages (ok for theremin usage). For the usage with regulated voltages (=
for clean 1V/Oct) I assume you need higher voltages and the action of the=
 powerpacks won't be so long.

Btw: I built it for a performance of friends of mine last year in downtow=
n of Munich while the "long night of music": http://www.weltklang-music.d=
e/html/body_langenacht2004.html (only in german, but a lot of pics availa=

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