Re: (idm) Secret Tracks parbleuh!?!

From danwolfe
Sent Fri, Jun 21st 1996, 23:55

>Three that jump to mind (all on CD):
>   AI2 Comp- 2cd version, 2nd cd, last track, ffwd to a track by Scanner.

They don't play such tricks on my vinyl version :(.

>   Polygon Window- Quoth Single- some of them have a bonus track not listed
>                                 on the sleeve.

Some of them?

I am lucky then.:)

Of all the "Quoth" versions secret.trck.#5 is definitely the best, but 
ofcourse the
reason I bought it was the divine lo-fi jazzy "Bike Pump meets bucket".
[Compared to other Polygon Window tracks, "Quoth" is defintely the most crap 
one. Not a 12"/CDS release worthy IMO].