Re: More about the Musikmesse

From khewss
Sent Thu, Jan 9th 1970, 01:00

>> To begin with the thing of real interest. There has been the new
>> Doepfer Modular. Here it is for you in ASCII text :-)
>Here I have got the data sheet:

Ah! To think that the day will come when Modulars and synths with knobs
will once again be "in" just like the yesteryears. That's exciting ain't
it?! ;-)
Looks like things can go two ways : 1) vintage synths are just a passing fad :(

2)The rising interest of vintage synths is the beginning of a newer era
when manufacturers get into building/marketing "modular-like" synths or
synths with lots of knobs but with some digital "twist" to the whole
thing,much like those phones modeled after the separate mouthpiece/earpiece
but with touch tone capabilities..:-)

I wonder where things will go.....??


---The Qfactor