Doepfer MS-404

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 18th 1970, 01:00

> I got a chance to play w/ one of these at Mr. Finn's.  I would have been
> impressed w/ this little silver box (well, rack mount box) except for one
> thing:
> The filter is the WORST sounding analogue filter I've ever heard.  It
> rivals the digital filters of the QuadraShit & Peavey SP in its extreme
> lameness.  Turning the Resonance knob does nothing nothing nothing SQUEAL!
> And that's a very unuseable squeal, too.  It may as well not have a Res
> knob.

Didn't I complain about the Doepfer filter when I reviewed the modular ?
I found the filter moogish ok, while you resist to turn up resonance.
Once it starts to change the sound you are immediately in the self-res
area and the self resonace is much to sine-focused, just high whining.

Nevertheless I hear Holger doing incredible things with it.
HE even did lot's of samleps of it onto his Sample CD's.
It didn'twork so well for me though.

That's nota try to speak in favour of the filter, I felt just like you.
But Holger and others point was, that not everything must sound like
we are supposed to see it. As he did do cool things with it, I can
accept this. I also didn't like the Synthon Syrinx that much and others
would die for one. 

> I only hope it's the sort of thing that could be fixed w/ a new resistor or
> capacitor value.  It ruins an otherwise decent synth.

I hear that has been done. Doepfer now even offers other knobs to
change it. (better say: other pots)

> Why doesn't everyone have a Gate/Envelope switch on their VCA (like say, a
> Roland Juno-106 or SH-101) so the envelope can be used for something more
> useful.  It's too bad that these synths never seem to be designed by people
> who actually use them, otherwise we might have more insanely great synths
> like the Prophet VS.
Sorry ?
You mean, the possibility to change the VCA just to listen to the gate
signal and using the Env just for the Filter ?
MY 101 does that.


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