Re: Advice on CV-MIDI Converter and CV Sequencer

From tomc
Sent Fri, Jul 31st 1998, 10:33

>>I've got a few CV-only pieces of gear (and growing) that I would ideally
>like to incorporate into my midi rig under Logic for PC.
>>Two questions:
>>1) What MIDI-CV converter should I get?  People have told me Kenton's are
>>2) I'm thinking about an analog sequencer too because I notice people using
>an analog sequencer ALONGSIDE their midi rigs (like you'll typically see an
>kit list including Cubase for the midi and harddisk recording, and then an
>analog sequencer like an ARP 1615).  I've also seen the Doepfer Schaltwerk
>in action which is a 16-channel 16-step CV sequencer, but i've heard
>Doepfer's are kinda midi-biased...
>>Any recommendations?  Thanks
>I would not have said the Schaltwerk is a MIDI only based device. It has 16
>CV's and 8 Gate outputs, plus it also has sync 24 connections too. If you
>want the sequencer to sync to Logic on the PC you will appreciate the fact
>that it has MIDI input as well, otherwise you would never sync it to the PC
>without buying another sync device.
>By the way, the Schaltwerk is an 8 track pattern sequencer, but allows upto
>64 steps (the 16 step patterns can be linked).

It seems Doepfer are getting a few plugs, so I might as well mention
Analogue Solutions are releasing several single channel CV/Gate analogue
sequencers, having the advantage over multi-channel analogue sequencers in
that you can control the channels completely independetly: i.e. pattern
length and clock speed. Also have the advantage that you buy as many
channels as you need or just build up.
We are also releasing Fill In modules, allowing you to control 2
sequencers: 1 for main pattern, and the other as a Fill in every 2,4,6,8,12
or 16 bars. It has a hoste of other features that just cannot be done using
sequential switchers.

Also, anyone been listening to Komputer? (on Mute records). Kraftwerk Live
again! A cross between Man Machine and Computer World. These guys have
really studied Kraftwek hard. Komputer used to be 'I Start Counting' in the
80s. Another classic electronic band


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