Re: (AH) Doepfer MS404 infos ?

From finn
Sent Mon, Jul 17th 1995, 01:53

At 15.59 15.07.95, Ernest Bruggeman wrote:
>[Future Music Demo]
> L >> If the demo on the Future Music Cd is any indication it's not
> L >> special. Sounded much weaker than any of the other "clones" in the
> L >> bass dept and the BassStation has a lot more in terms of
> L >> programability (and I don't think that's amazing either) a SH101
> L >> all these creatures away IMO. (That I do like)
> jdj> Well, don't trust the Future Music demo's!!
> jdj> On allmost all 303 clones they reviewed they did an awful demo!
> jdj> They just don't seem to know how the real thing sounds, because they
> jdj> refused any tweaking, sliding etc...Really stupid!
>I spoke to the guy who actually makes 303 clones himself (Robert Homsbeek
>from the Syntecno company in Holland). His TeeBee 303 was rated 70% in
>Future Music (other 303 clones like the BassStation and DB9 scored between
>80 en 92%!). The FM demo crew did very bad demo songs on this one. A few
>months later: this same TeeBee 303 scored very high rates in the German
>"Keyboards" magazine due to its almost identical sound and many features!
>Strange, isn't it........
>About the MS404: I haven't heard this module in the shops yet (I only
>heard the FM demo which was indeed not very exciting) but Robert
>"Syntecno" Homsbeek said that he regarded the MS404 (together with his own
>TeeBee303) as the best 303 clone..... If it's as good as the TeeBee303
>(which I actually heard) the MS404 is defenitely worth its money! Try it
>out in your fav music store by yourselve....

i had the oppetunity to get stefan's while he was touring the states...
i use it quite a bit.. the 404 is a great little mono synth.. the filters
are in their own little world (not outstanding not bad) and the osc's are
cool.. it does not really sound like a 303, but that's ok with me..  i
unloaded my 303 'cause i just hear it too much.. some people use it as a
crutch... well the 404 will give you the sounds of a good mono synth @ an
affordable price... at times it's reminicent of the 303 but that's @
best... anyhow; any clone w/o the sequencer is really just another mono
synth... untill somebody integrates the sequencer into the synth and lets
the user program in slides and accent jolts, the clones will just be


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