Re: kraftwerk synths??????

From Sean Costello
Sent Mon, Oct 6th 1997, 19:50

At 01:34 PM 10/6/97 -0400, you wrote:

>Actually - much of the gear these days is not probably not "home-made" but
>more likely digital/sampler based etc plus a lot of german/european gear like
>doepfer, quasimidi, and waldorf....I don't think they still use the
>Synclavier but it is possible......I've never heard of their use of a
>memorymoog - this is what they most likely did use:
>roland MC-8 (positive)
>minimoog (positive)
>arp odyssey (positive)

In a video clip I saw of the band performing "Autobahn," Ralf was playing
the bassline with his left hand on a Minimoog, while his right hand was
playing some unidentifiable keyboard (Farfisa?).  Florian played a
white-faced Odyssey.

>other small moogs like micro, multi etc (speculative)

In a picture that was published in Mojo, Ralf is playing a synth that is
either a Multimoog or Micromoog, as it has those distinctive endpieces.
Unfortunately for analog trainspotters, the picture is from the side, so it
is unclear which of the two synths it is.  

Sean Costello