Re: Stuck with ancient gear

From Tom Butcher
Sent Tue, Oct 10th 1995, 15:12

> > Why doesnt a decent manufacturer like Serge/Doepfer or even Oberhiem come
> > up with a new adjustable analog drum box at a decent price?
> politics.

More like: money.  While the market for techno-making equipment is 
certainly growing, it's still not big enough for big companies like 
Roland or Korg or Ensoniq (whatever) to make a run of devices like an 
analogue drum machine, say, worth their while.  They'd have to invest 
lots of engineering money, marketing money, retooling money, etc etc etc 
to dream of making a modern analog.

I think Oberheim figured this out when they came out with the OB-Mx.  Who 
owns one of these?  It's incredibly expensive, though new, and almost 
everyone I've talked to has said the same thing: "eh.  whatever."  It 
doesn't sound like a $4000 synthesizer, I'll tell you that much.  It'd be 
great to just say "hey, we need an affordable analog new-out-of-the-box," 
but when you compare the profit margin of recycling the technology being 
used now with some new samples... to the profit margin of a completely 
new analog box, the manufacturers would be very stupid to say 'ok, let's 
try it', at least in a business sense.

I wonder how many workstation-pcm-type synthesizers are sold in a year.  
That would put things into perspective.

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