[AH] Price for a Moog Prodigy with MIDI in and out(!)

From Florian Anwander
Sent Sun, Mar 9th 2008, 06:17


I have a Moog Prodigy and think about selling it. And I am not sure how 
much I reasonably could ask for. The synth is optically near mint (no 
scratches) and technically in great order - if you do not mind that it 
is modified:
- I added sockets on the rear panel for the fuses.
- I added a Doepfer MCV4 as MIDI-In and a Doepfer CTM-64 as MIDI-Out!
- I also added CV and gate inputs and there are CV and gate outputs 
(which provide the CV and gate from the MCV4).
The original analogue keyboard circuits are disabled at the moment.
You can use the Prodigy as not dynamic MIDI keyboard (MIDI-out) and 
control it by MIDI-In. MIDI-Out is connected to MIDI-In via a switch, so 
you have a local off control. Merging MIDI-In with the MIDI from the 
internal keyboard is possible (the CMT-64 has a MIDI-In). The CV from 
the MIDI-In arrives after the glide, so there is no glide control 
possible at the moment. The sound creation and sound control is as 
standard until now.


(These pictures do not show a new power supply (A-100NT12), which I 
added too.)

There are several additional features which could be added, but I did 
not do it, when I started thinking about selling it:
1.) the VCF cutoff frequency could be added to the MIDI Out/In (requires 
changes at the potentiometer and at the CV-Mixer section of the VCF, 
because the original potentiometer works with -12/+12V, whilest the 
MIDI-interfaces work with 0/+5V)
2.) The MCV4 provides voltages from MIDI-aftertouch and MIDI-velocity. 
These could be made available to control voltage controlled parameters 
of the synth
3.) one can revive the original CV/gate keyboard function. The MIDI-Out 
uses the key contacts which were originally used for the gate. To make 
the original CV/gate keyboard function again, one could modify the cv 
circuit to produce a gate too (add 1 V before the S&H, then check with a 
comparator against ground, remove negative part from comparator out). 
This would open several possibilities: transpose incoming MIDI-sequences 
with the internal CV-Keyboard; enable external sequences by the keyboard 
4.) change the glide circuit so that it works also for incoming MIDI 
(maybe also with glide control by MIDI).
5.) A lot of well known other modifications could be done:
- VCO to VCF modulation,
- Envelope modulation for VCO2
- low/mid/fast switch for the LFO
- PWM from LFO or envelopes
- Gate to VCA to get the second envelope free.
- Resonance control by a voltage (requires additional simple VCA)

Now i am asking my self, should I do all these modifications too, or 
should I leave the Synth as it is now (it can be completely restored to 
the original state with excetption of the holes for in the housing for 
the MIDI-Sockets)?

And finally how much could I ask for this Prodigy? What is a reasonable 
price for a normal, not modified Prodigy on the market? How much could I 
ask for the state as it is now, and how much with the complete