Re: Roland System 100 and 700

Sent Tue, Oct 1st 1996, 02:55

Doug Masla wrote:

> <>>>Robert:
> THE Roand system 100m & 700 modular systems are a very rare bestie to
> find.Eand if you are lucky enough to owned bt somebdy who is aware of
> current valeu and rarity o the synth  they dimand a very high price....As a
> owner of a small S100m system I have been trying to expand and tade some
> modules
> for others & every time I post a trade all I get in responce are people
> begging me to sell them.
>       The last system I saw avilable(about a year age) wad
> 15moduled,3-5mod.chassiesw/mults & a m1818 kybd(mono 3/4 oct?) asking
> $5250. USD...very expencive when you can buw a new 3-4pannel Serge
> (a very big and I feal the most powerfull synth ever made)  or large doepfer...
> good luck on you hunt....
> companys that still make new analogues(sound[as good as]and work better
> than[more stable/ cleaner power suppies]machine adn their cost is less rhan
> a vintage pick the modules and
> ulike everything else their cost has not kept up with inflation>
> >>>>STS/Serge systems oakland ca
> >>>>CMS--Bethlahen Pa.
> >>>>Doepfer musikelectronic........................
> Cheers
> Doug Masla

	Ok. Now that I've established that I'd be looking for the holy 

What are these "serge" units? Serge is Serge modular, I assume. 
Can someone point me to a web site or information about them?
	Thanks in advance.