[AH] fs: eurorack/Blacet - LAST chance

From implode7
Sent Sat, Feb 9th 2008, 07:43

I've sold most of what I have. It's slowed down to a trickle. The prices are
about at the point that it makes more sense to just trade these in all at
once for 50% = not a huge differential, much less shipping hassle, etc.

So, I'll offer all of these modules together at slightly less than 60% of
the store prices.

I also realized that I have a blacet eg-1 that I forgot to put in the
ads...so I'm adding that.

This is what I still have:
 analogue systems  rs-270 1/8 to 1/4 adapter
 Doepfer  a-138 mixer (2)
  a-141 vcadsr (2) 
  a-131 vca (2)   
  a-147 vclfo   
  a-172 max-min   
  A-100P case   
 Blacet  eg1  

The total new price is $1612.

I'll sell all of them together at $965, shipping included.

I've met many good traders with this sale, but it's taking up too much time
and energy...so if this doesn't go quickly, I'll just go the trade in route.