Doepfer A-110 tuning

From Chris Skerik
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00


I am having tuning problems with my A110's  both of the their scales are off
by about a half step, so if I have C and go up an octave I'll get a B, if I
go down an octave I'll get a C#, when I take out the modules and play with
the scale trim pot it adjusts the pitch but not the scale, the vco will be
way out of tune, but the scale will remain the same.   I'm controlling it
with a Kenton Pro-2 and have checked the scale on it, exactly 1v per octave

any suggestions?

I have the service docs off the website, but I don't have an oscilliscope,
I'm using my guitar tuner (chromatic), and I've checked it with one of my
digital synths, it checks out fine.....

thanks for any help....