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Okay; here is the all new version of the Apollo discography. 
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email it to me to the address shown below.

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      /  \ \      /  \ \   /  \ \     / / /  /\ \          /  \ \
     / /\ \ \    / /\ \_\ / /\ \ \   / / /   \ \ \  __    / /\ \_\
     \ \/  \_\  /  \/ / / \ \ \ \_\ / /_/     \ \ \/\_\  / /_/ / /
      \  /\/_/ / /\  / /   \ \/ / / \ \ \      \ \/ / /  \ \/ / /
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                     Discography  : Apollo Records V3.1

                     Last updated : 20.09.94

                     Compiled by  : CiM <redacted@example.com>


   1.1 About this discography.
   1.2 A brief introduction to Apollo.

   List of distributors.

   How to contact Apollo/R&S.

   4.1 12"/EPs.
   4.2 Other releases.
   4.3 Albums.

   Short opinions on some Apollo releases.

   Information (where known) about Apollo artists.

   A thank you list of all the people who contributed information for the

   How to get your newest update of the discography.

   Addresses to send contributions to.


Welcome to the Apollo Discography! 

This listing has been through a lot of changes and because of this it has
become more than just a listing of releases on the Apollo label. Following 
suggestions from various netters, it now boasts some funky new sections that 
allow for even more information;

  This section covers releases not covered by the 'general release' section
  and is intended to cover promos, limited editions, R&S/Apollo 2x12"
  packs, and anything else that is unusual/collectable/downright sexy.

  One criticism of discographies is that the listings hold no clues as to
  whether the releases are actually any good or not. The REVIEWS section 
  changes this by supplying small five-line (approx.) reviews which will 
  hopefully give an indication as to the quality of a release. This section 
  could conceivably grow to be bigger than the discography itself but what 
  the heck, eh? As it grows, it will probably be shunted to end of the 

  This contains some brief information (where known) about Apollo artists.
  As with the REVIEWS section it is hard to know where to draw the line
  between brief artists details and a full discography for each artist.
  As a rule, there will be a brief description and then a listing of Apollo
  releases for each artist. If you want to know of any more of their 
  material on other labels, I suggest you search for their discographys
  elsewhere. You could even compile your own :-)

Feedback on these changes would be greatly appreciated as while they're
fun to compile, I can see how they are not actually that useful. The 
reviews especially are likely to differ from person to person and so could
well be a complete waste of time, depending on your point of view.

Anyway, if you have any mini-reviews, more artist information or more
importantly, discography additions/modifications, please let me know
through one of the contax at the end of this file.

Right, the discography starts below. Have fun kids!

  Hugs n'kisses,
  AMB 49CiM  

The Apollo label is the ambient division of R&S Records based in Belguim.
Whilst it has artists who only release on the Apollo label (e.g. Biosphere)
it also features releases from R&S artists issuing ambient LP/12"/EP's
(e.g. Robert Leiner, Ken Ishii, etc).

Because of this link to the techno material available on R&S, the general
style of Apollo releases tends to be ambient-techno. Many releases have
beats (usually with low BPMs) instead of tending to the beatless and more
minimal forms of ambient music.

Apollo 12" releases have a catalogue number in the form of APOLLO <number>.
Album catalogue numbers currently take the form AMB <number> LP/CD/MC/..
The <number> for albums is usually in the form 39xx (where xx is the issue
number) or for more recent issues, 49xx. Like R&S catalogue numbers, this
reflects the year (eg. AMB 39xx is for the year 1993, AMB 49xx for 1994,


UK : Vital Distribution
     TEL : 0272 446777
     FAX : 0272 446888


R&S Records,
Limburgstraat 82,
9000 Gent,



The discography will attempt to be in order of catalogue number. As a rule,
the catalogue numbers follow each other chronologically, although this
isn't always the case (eg. the Apollo Compilation). Each release will
contain the following information;

Cat. no : The catalogue number of the release.
Artist  : The name of the artist/act for this release. This could well be
          an alias for an artist who might release material under a 
          number of different names.
Release : The name of the album/12"/EP released.
Format  : The media that the release was issued on (usually vinyl, compact
          disc and occasionally cassette).
Tracks  : The list of tracks appearing on the release. Where available,
          track playing times and remix names are given.
Notes   : Any relevent information about the artist or release. In some
          cases this has been expanded on in the 'Artist list' section at
          the end of the discography.

4.1 Apollo : 12"/EP Releases

This includes all 12" releases in Belgium only or in Europe on general
release. The general releases are sometimes issued as a CD single.
Cat. no: APOLLO 1 [Deleted]
Artist : David Morley
Release: Evolution
Format : 12"
Tracks : ?

Cat. no: APOLLO 2 [Deleted]
Artist : Atlantis
Release: Paradise
Format : 12"
Tracks : ?

Cat. no: APOLLO 3 [Deleted]
Artist : Model 500
Release: The Passage
Format : 12"
Tracks : [Side A]
         The Passage
         [Side B]
         Mind Changes
         Vessels in Distress

Cat. no: APOLLO 4
Artist : Electrotete
Release: I Love You (Original & Remixes)
Format : 12"
Tracks : [Red Rose Side]
         I Love You (Peter Ramson & Danny Van Wauwe remix)         [5.34]
         I Love You (Original Version)                             [4.34]
         [Black Rose Side]
         I Love You "The Deeper The Deeper" (Toney Thorpe remix)  [11.30]
Notes  : The Orb remix of "I Love You" can be found on the Apollo
         Compilation (AMB 926).

Cat. no: APOLLO 5
Artist : Dave Angel
Release: The Family EP
Format : 12"
Tracks : [Logo side]
         Great Daine
         Brother From Jazz
         [Info side]

Cat. no: APOLLO 6
Artist : Lovecraft
Release: Intelligent Universe
Format : 12"
Tracks : ?

Cat. no: APOLLO 7
Artist : Biosphere
Release: Baby Interphase
Format : 12"
Tracks : Baby Interphase (Remix)
         Baby Interphase (Remix II)
         Baby Interphase (Original)
Notes  : The original mix of "Baby Interphase" can be found on the album
         "Microgravity" (AMB 3921).

Cat. no: APOLLO 8
Artist : Ken Ishii
Release: Deep Sleep
Format : 12"
Tracks : [Logo side]
         [Info side]

Cat. no: APOLLO 9 [CD]
Artist : Robert Leiner
Release: Dream Or Reality
Format : 12"/CD
Tracks : [Side A]
         Dream Or Reality (Original)
         Dream Or Reality (Into The Dream mix)
         [Side B]
         Dream Or Reality (Out Of Reality mix)
Notes  : The original mix of "Dream Or Reality" can be found on the album
         "Visions Of The Past" (AMB 3925).

Cat. no: APOLLO 10
Artist : Billie Ray Martin
Release: 4 Ambient Tales
Format : 2x12"/CD
Tracks : [Side A]
         Hearts (Radio Edit)                                    [2.57]
         Planet Of The Blue                                     [5.10]
         (I Spent Hours Again) Wishing You Well                 [5.37]
         [Side B]
         House Of Love                                          [4.23]
         Hearts                                                 [3.18]
         [Side C]
         Hearts (Radio Edit)                                    [2.57]
         Planet Of The Blue (Instrumental)                      [5.10]
         (I Spent Hours Again) Wishing You Well (Instrumental)  [5.37]
         [Side D]
         House Of Love (Instrumental)                           [4.23]
         Hearts (Instrumental)                                  [3.18]
Notes  : This release features her vocals with backing arranged by
         The Grid who also produced and mixed it.

Cat. no: APOLLO 11
Artist : The Fires Of Ork
Release: The Fires Of Ork
Format : 12"
Tracks : The Fires Of Ork I
         The Fires Of Ork II
Notes  : Both tracks can be found on "The Fires Of Ork" album (AMB 3928).

Cat. no: APOLLO 12 [CD]
Artist : Biosphere
Release: Seti Project
Format : CD/12"
Tracks : Seti Project            [5.58]
         The Fairy Tale (Remix)  [5.59]
         Seti Project (Remix)    [6.31]
         Cloud X-3               [6.18]
Notes  : "Seti Project" can also be found on the second Biosphere album
         "Patashnik". The original mix of "The Fairy Tale" is on
         Biosphere's debut album "Microgravity".

Cat. no: APOLLO 13
Artist : Aedena Cycle
Release: The Travellers Dream
Format : 12"
Tracks : [Side A]
         The Travellers Dream
         The Dreamshadow
         [Side B]

Cat. no: APOLLO 14
Artist : Meditation Y.S.
Release: Slumber
Format : 12"
Tracks : [Side A]
         Slumber     [14.03]
         [Side B]
         Space Race  [14.05]
Notes  : The Y.S. is the initials of the artist, Yoshihiro Sayaski.

Cat. no: APOLLO 15
Artist : Tournesol
Release: Henka
Format : 12"
Tracks : Henka
Notes  : Previously released as a 2x12" on R&S, catalogue number RS93026.
         Both of these tracks can be found on Tournesol's album
         "Kokotsu" (AMB 4931).

Cat. no: APOLLO 16
Artist : Squid
Release: Overdub
Format : 12"
Tracks : [Side A]
         [Side B]
         Emprisoning Sound On A Piece Of Wax

Cat. no: APOLLO 17
Artist : Two Sandwiches Short Of A Lunchbox (?)
Release: Too Good To Be Strange
Format : 12"
Tracks : ?
Notes  : This release is by David Morley and Luna.

Cat. no: APOLLO 18 (?)
Artist : Locust
Release: In Rememberance Of Times Past
Format : 12"
Tracks : Amazon (1985)
         Backward & Forthwith (1985)
         Locked In A Cathedral At Night Alone (1984)
         Neil's Armsong (1987)
         It's Called Peace (1985)
         Please Sir (1982)
         [Untitled] (1983)
         Exaggerated Repression

4.2 Apollo : Non-general releases

This includes any releases that do not fall under the category of general
Apollo releases. This includes promo's, limited editions, R&S/Apollo double
12" pack releases and anything else that does not follow the normal Apollo
catalogue number format. 
Cat. no: [None given]
Artist : Locust
Release: Needle
Format : 12" Promo
Tracks : [Side A]
         Needle                                      [10.13]
         Christe Eleison ('84)                        [2.02]
         Dreams ('84)                                 [2.39]
         [Side B]
         Air Primary                                  [7.19]
         Root (Recorded live at The Garage 12/12/93)  [5.25]
Notes  : Limited edition (500 copies only) of older, unreleased Locust
         material used in a promotion offer. To get a copy, you needed
         to obtain a token from NME or Melody Maker and exchange it at
         one of the shops listed in the advert.

Cat. no: RS 93019
Artist : Sun Electric
Release: Pitcheon/Sarotti
Format : 2x12"
Tracks : [Side A]
         Osram 418             [4.17]
         Osram 527             [5.27]
         [Side B]
         Pitcheon              [6.33]
         O'Locco (Beyond)      [5.02]
         [Side C]
         Sarotti               [6.20]
         Up The Drain          [8.54]
         [Side D]
         O'Locco (Beauty)      [5.51]
         O'Locco (Australiana) [6.39]
Notes  : Double 12" pack with the first 12" on R&S and the second 12" on
         Apollo (in clear vinyl).

4.3 Apollo : Album releases
Cat. no: AMB 926 [CD/MC]
Artist : -
Release: Apollo Compilation "File Under Ambient"
Format : LP/CD/MC
Tracks : Kinetic      : Golden Girls (David Morley remix)  [8.14]
         Model 500    : The Passage                        [7.26]
         David Morley : Evolution                          [8.19]
         Biosphere    : Cloudwalker                        [4.54]
         Aphex Twin   : X-tal                              [4.50]
         Atlantis     : Paradise (Part 1)                 [10.30]
         Electrotete  : I Love You (Orb remix)             [9.47]
         David Morley : Calibration                        [7.22]
         Love Craft   : Intelligent Universe               [9.27]
         Neuro        : Mama (Justin London mix)           [6.04]
Notes  : Compilation album of early Apollo releases and also ambient
         remixes of R&S releases "Golden Girls" and "Mama" which are
	 available as 12"s on R&S.

Cat. no: AMB [CD] 3921
Artist : Biosphere
Release: Microgravity
Format : CD/LP
Tracks : Microgravity     [5.12]
         Baby Satellite   [5.04]
         Tranquilizer     [8.08]
         The Fairy Tale   [4.53]
         Cloudwalker II   [5.26]
         Chromosphere     [3.28]
         Cygnus-A         [5.02]
         Baby Interphase  [5.07]
         Biosphere        [4.41]
Notes  : Debut album. As with Biosphere's second album "Patashnik", this
         album was previously released (in 1991) on a small Norwegian label
         Origo Sound (OCD 9105).

Cat. no: AMB 3922 [CD/MC]
Artist : Aphex Twin
Release: Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Format : LP/CD/MC
Tracks : Xtal                     [4.51]
         Tha                      [9.01]
         Pulsewidth               [3.47]
         Ageispolis               [5.21]
         i                        [1.13]
         Green Calx               [6.02]
         Heliosphan               [4.51]
         We Are The Music Makers  [7.42]
         Schottkey 7th Path       [5.07]
         Ptolemy                  [7.12]
         Hedphelym                [6.02]
         Delphium                 [5.36]
         Actium                   [7.35]
Notes  : Originally released on R&S, it was re-issued on Apollo to coincide
         with the release of "Selected Ambient Works 2" on Warp records.

Cat. no: AMB 3923 [CD]
Artist : Moonwater
Release: In-Existence
Format : CD/?
Tracks : A Mood                  [7.05]
         Space Indian            [6.54]
         Klewang                 [3.19]
         Eternal Lover          [15.18]
         In Search Of True Love  [9.38]
         Moonwater              [12.57]
         KM3                     [8.23]
         Sequence                [1.41]

Cat. no: AMB 3924 CD
Artist : The Irresistable Force
Release: The Irresistable Force
Format : CD
Trakcs : Spiritual High        [7.47]
         Sky High             [12.11]
         Flying High          [15.33]
         High Frequency        [9.42]
         Symphony In E         [8.47]
         Mountain High (Live) [20.15]
Notes  : This album was also released on Rising High records under the
         title of "Flying High".

Cat. no: AMB 3925 [CD/MC]
Artist : Robert Leiner
Release: Visions Of The Past
Format : LP/CD/MC
Tracks : Out Of Control               [9.51]
         Visions Of The Past          [9.11]
         Interval                     [0.35]
         To Places You've Never Been  [8.11]
         Aqua Viva                   [12.21]
         Full Moon Ritual             [7.03]
         Zenit                        [4.02]
         Dream Or Reality             [7.32]
         From Beyond And Back         [6.49]
         Northern Dark                [6.44]

Cat. no: AMB 3927 [LP/CD/MC/CDX]
Artist : Biosphere
Release: Patashnik
Format : LP/CD/MC/Limited CD
Tracks : Phantasm              [4.50]
         Startoucher           [5.02]
         Decryption            [6.04]
         Novelty Waves         [6.27]
         Patashnik             [6.13]
         Mir                   [5.18]
         The Shield            [8.54]
         Seti Project          [5.58]
         Mestigoth             [1.43]
         Botanical Dimensions  [5.43]
         Caboose               [5.12]
         En-Trance             [4.40]
Notes  : Limited CD version (limited to 1000 copies) comes in a special
         fold-out box and booklet with Biosphere logos and album credits on
         it. "Patashnik" was also released on a small Norwegian label called
         Origo Sound before the Apollo release with a different cover design.
         "Patashnik" was released on blue vinyl although I'm not sure
         whether this is a limited edition or just the standard vinyl

Cat. no: AMB 3928 [CD]
Artist : The Fires Of Ork
Release: The Fires Of Ork
Format : CD/?
Tracks : The Fires Of Ork I   [7.45]
         Gebirge             [21.23]
         Talk To The Stars   [11.38]
         The Facts Of Life   [18.26]
         The Fires Of Ork II  [6.25]
Notes  : This album was released previously on Fax +49-69/450464 records
         with different (Fax related) artwork.

Cat. no: AMB 3929 [CD]
Artist : Locust
Release: Weathered Well
Format : CD/?
Tracks : Prospero          [8.44]
         Moist Moss        [6.58]
         Xenophobe         [5.41]
         Weathered Gate    [8.10]
         Tamed             [6.03]
         Still            [10.08]
         Music About Love  [9.57]
         Lust              [6.36]
         Fawn              [5.10]
Notes  : Debut album

Cat. no: AMB 3930 [LP/CD]
Artist : Jam & Spoon
Release: Tripomatic Fairy Tales 2002
Format : LP/CD/?
Tracks : [Side A]
         Hermaphrodite                               [2.10]
         N.A.S.A Nocturnal Audio Sensory Awakening  [11.15]
         LSD Nikon                                   [2.34]
         [Side B]
         The Future Is In Small Hands                [5.25]
         Salinas Afternoon                           [4.03]
         V. Angel Is Calling                        [10.11]
         [Side C]
         Words And Dana                              [1.00]
         Ancient Dream                               [8.41]
         I Saw The Future                           [11.32]
         [Side D]
         Castaneda Future Illuminations              [2.04]
         Secret Kind Of Love                         [8.02]
         World Of X-T-C                              [5.52]
Notes  : "Tripomatic Fairy Tales 2001" was initially released on R&S with
         "...2002" being released on Apollo in continental Europe. The
         albums were both then released on Epic Records for the rest of the
         world (catalogue number 474918 2).

Cat. no: AMB 4931 [CD]
Artist : Tournesol
Release: Kokotsu
Format : LP/CD
Tracks : Imeat                 [10.49]
         Electric Church       [17.15]
         Henka                 [11.25]
         Orange Planet          [7.00]
         Draagmad Ultramarine  [10.55]
         Cathedral              [7.40]
         Holy Cow               [8.17]
Notes  : From the advertisement: "Album debut from Danish duo gets
         labelled abstractlisteningtechnoambienttrancedance!". Indeed.

Cat. no: AMB 4932 [CD]
Artist : Uzect Plaush
Release: More Beautiful Human Life!
Format : 2LP/CD
Tracks : [Side 1]
         Violet Cell Edit     [1.47]
         Wind From Nowhere    [5.49]
         Wetlone Rapture      [7.14]
         [Side B]
         The Falling Dream    [7.32]
         Auto Radia           [9.42]
         [Side C]
         A Boiling Horizon    [1.25]
         Discrete Global      [7.08]
         [Side D]
         The Sky Rolled Back  [9.41]

Cat. no: AMB 4934
Artist : Cabaret Voltaire
Release: The Conversation
Format : 4LP/2CD
Tracks : Exterminating Angel. 1ntro                 [5.47]
         Brutal But Clean                          [11.01]
         The Message. An Original Hollywood Theme   [8.16]
         Let's Start                                [8.11]
         Night Rider                                [9.54]
         I Think                                    [8.56]
         The Heat                                   [7.52]
         Harmonic Parallel                         [10.25]
         Project80                                 [53.05]
         Exterminating Angel. Outro                 [8.01]
Notes  : Licensed to Instinct Records for US distribution.


This section contains some brief opinions about some Apollo releases and
will hopefully give you an idea about what to buy and what to avoid. Bear
in mind this is all in the reviewer's opinion only! Flow your reviews 
(maximum 6 lines only, please) to redacted@example.com in the format/
style as shown below and if they're any good, in they go!
Stick your name/net alias after the review if you wish. Ideally your reviews 
will be on releases not already listed below, but if you violently disagree 
with any existing ones, send those too.
Ken Ishii : Deep Sleep
  Many find Ishii's electronica awkward to listen to; this however is a 
  polished release. Strange electronic loops burble over lush chords and 
  make it a refreshingly different Apollo release. <CiM>

Biosphere : Seti Project
  More trademark metallic darkness from Geir Jensenn. Worth checking out
  for the superior remix of "The Fairy Tale". The title track, whilst hardly
  being ambient, is dark, fast and very tasty indeed. <CiM>

AMB 926
[Various] : Apollo Compilation
  An excellent compilation showcasing early Apollo material. Highlights
  are the analogue tweakery of Atlantis' "Paradise" and the lush dreaminess
  of the David Morley tracks. The Orb remix is a bit disappointing
  though, IMHO of course. <CiM>

AMB 3921
Biosphere : Microgravity
  Although not as polished as Patashnik, Microgravity still maintains
  Jensenns unsettling ambient-techno. "Baby Interphase" is a clattering 
  trance number where as "Biosphere" is just downright scary. <CiM>

AMB 3922
Aphex Twin : Selected Ambient Works 85-92
  Although vastly dissimilar to Selected Ambient Works Vol.2, this album
  is also totally brilliant. Richard James covers all areas here with 
  beatless ambience ("i"), airy techno ("Pulsewidth") and even ventures 
  into the world of dub ("We Are The Music Makers"). There are a few
  filler tracks here but most of it is James at his best and most
  accessible. <CiM>

AMB 3929
Locust : Weathered Well
  Scary, deep ambience from Locust; it's accomplished but unsettling stuff. 
  Aphex comparisons abound with drifting synth sounds and some nasty
  metallic beats but it has a menacing atmosphere to it. Impressive but
  don't buy this if you like your ambience cheerful. <CiM>


This contains some brief information (where known) about some Apollo

The Aphex Twin is Richard D. James from Cornwall, England. Richard has 
recorded under many aliases (AFX, Polygon Window, The Caustic Window, etc)
but the Aphex Twin is his most familiar pseudonym. "Selected Ambient Works
85-92" was released following a number of R&S releases ("Analogue
Bubblebath Vol.1" and "Xylem Tube EP"). The Aphex Twin has now signed to
Warp Records but still releases material on his own RePhleX label.
  Apollo releases:
  - AMB 3922  : Selected Ambient Works 85-92 [LP]

Biosphere is Geir Jenssen from Tromsoe, Norway. Before his Biosphere 
project, he was a member of Norwegian band Bel Canto. After he left Bel 
Canto in 1990, he released some 12"s and an album (which has recently been
re-released) under the alias of Bleep.
  Apollo releases:
  - APOLLO 7  : Baby Interphase [12"]
  - APOLLO 11 : The Fires Of Ork (under the name The Fires Of Ork) [12"]
  - APOLLO 12 : Seti Project [12"]
  - AMB 3921  : Microgravity [LP]
  - AMB 3927  : Patashnik [LP]
  - AMB 3928  : The Fires Of Ork (under the name The Fires Of Ork) [LP]

Cabaret Voltaire are Richard H. Kirk and Stephen Mallinder, although most
of the input for "The Conversation" LP was provided by Richard. Cabaret
Voltaire have an extensive background as part of the early
industrial/electronic scene but "The Conversation" signals a different
direction; similar to the material that Richard H. Kirk is releasing
as solo projects. Richard has released his "Virtual States" album on Warp
recently as well as recording under the alias of Sandoz.
  Apollo releases:
  - AMB 4934  : The Conversation [LP]

The Fires Of Ork are Geir Jenssen (Biosphere) and Pete Namlook, owner of 
acclaimed electronic label Fax +49-69/450464. As well as the 12", this 
collaboration also produced an album "The Fires Of Ork" which was released 
on Fax records as well as on Apollo.
  Apollo releases:
  - APOLLO 11 : The Fires Of Ork [12"]
  - AMB 3928  : The Fires Of Ork [LP]

Better known as top ambient DJ Mixmaster Morris, The Irresistable Force
has released material both on Rising High and with Pete Namlook on
Fax +49-69/450464 under the collaboration name of "Dreamfish". The Apollo
album was also released on Rising High, under the title of "Flying High".
  Apollo releases:
  - AMB 3924  : The Irresistable Force [LP]

Ken Ishii is from Tokyo and has released most of his unconventional
electronic music on R&S. "Deep Sleep" is (currently) his only release for
Apollo but he has a retrospective LP on R&S ("Innerelements") which
features selected tracks from his many releases on R&S and also Apollo.
His R&S releases include the acclaimed 2x12" pack "Garden Of The Palm", 
"Pneuma" and also his new "Tangled Notes" 12".
  Apollo releases:
  - APOLLO 8  : Deep Sleep [12"]

Better known for their trancey-pop material, Jam & Spoon curently have a
big deal with Epic which resulted in chart success in England and in
Europe. Jam El Mar also works with DJ Dag under the name Dance 2 Trance,
who also enjoyed chart success with "Power Of American Natives" and 
"Take A Freefall".
  Apollo releases:
  - AMB 3930  : Tripomatic Fairy Tales 2002 [LP]

Robert Leiner is an engineer in the R&S studios in Belgium. As well as
releasing material under his own name for Apollo, he is probably better
known for his R&S produce under the name "Source" (e.g. "Organised Noise").
  Apollo releases:
  - APOLLO 9  : Dream Or Reality [12"]
  - AMB 3925  : Visions Of The Past [LP]

Locust is Mark Van Hoen from England. Although having previous releases,
he is probably better known for his engineering and remix work with ambient 
guitar group Seefeel. Both "Lust" and "Tamed" from "Weathered Well" were 
also released on the "Skysplit" EP (RS93031) on R&S. He has recently been
working with other collaboraters under the name Autocreation on the Orb's
InterModo label.
  Apollo releases:
  - [...]     : Needle [12"]
  - APOLLO 18 : In Rememberance Of Times Past [12"]
  - AMB 3929  : Weathered Well [LP]

Billie Ray Martin is the former lead singer with Electribe 101.
  Apollo releases:
  - APOLLO 10 : 4 Ambient Tales [2x12"]

The Y.S. part of the name is derived from the authors initials of
Yoshihiro Sayaski.
  Apollo releases:
  - APOLLO 14 : Slumber [12"]

Juan Atkins is one of the originators of the Detroit techno sound. Juan's
early works are now being released as ambient material. R&S recently
collected some old Model 500 tracks and released "The Classics" and Juan
has also been working on new material with Thomas Fehlmann (3MB with Juan
Atkins) which resulted in the "Jazz Is The Teacher" LP.
  Apollo releases:
  - APOLLO 3  : The Passage [12" Deleted]

Moonwater is Maarten VD Vleuten.
  Apollo releases:
  - AMB 3923  : In-Existence [LP]

Tournesol are Thomas Gee and Thomas Lynge from Copenhagen, Denmark. They 
also release Europop material under the name Phuturyme who are currently 
signed to EMI (Denmark).
  Apollo releases:
  - APOLLO 15 : Henka [12"]
  - AMB 4931  : Kokotsu [LP]


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