more re: FS: Doepfer MAQ 16/3

From osc1
Sent Mon, Nov 17th 1997, 23:43 yet another smooth move (i must drink *more* coffee), i forgot a
couple of mentions in the FS ad:

the price is $750.  i'll split shipping.
it's the newest model (V3.0), in mint condition.

my apologies, hope this clears things up a bit.
feel free to shoot Q's my way (and caffeine, too...)  :)

i am interested in these transitions - these moments when a stable duality
dissolves into a proliferating and unstable sea of hybrids.  what happens
at such times is that all sorts of things become possible: there is a
tremendous energy release, a great burst of experimentation.
--brian eno, "axis thinking"

there's a new Squelch One track on the UltraModern Compilation CD "Future
Perfect: Music for Listening" (with artists such as Timeblind, Tempest,
Savage Aural Hotbed, MindPhaseOne, and more).  Check your local record
store (it's out October 28th) or email me for details.

check it out: