RE: [AH] Re: money and stuff

From aschrock
Sent Fri, Jan 15th 1999, 19:31

Ok, I take that back: I do agree with you that you shouldn't get into DIY
for the money, you'll be pretty dissapointed. Beyond initial costs, the
jacks, front panel and misc. hardware costs are pretty high when you add
it all together. On the other hand, you can put together a lot of the
common synth modules for literally pennies, and even with jacks and knobs
the cost is still lower than, say, a "budget" modular like doepfer. It
doesn't look nearly as pretty, but the quality of yours is probably equal
to or even better than them.

The costs are great, but the payoffs are equally rewarding.. Personally I
feel that DIY evens out in my favor. It just (IMO) takes real balls and a
LOT of patience/time to do DIY. 

Your example could easily be applied to the DIY market, for instance all
the 303 clones around which rely on relatively simple circuitry. Not as
simple as a pedal, granted, but it has few hardware components and a
signature sound people want. 


On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Chad Gould wrote:
> I don't think DIY, _IN GENERAL_, is a good way to save money. You'll need a
> good amount of tools to comfortably get off the ground (a good drill, a good
> soldering iron, and a good set of screwdrivers are not cheap). Components
> are cheap, but casing and knobs are not. You'll usually spend more than it
> would cost to buy a pre-made module, unless you do a LOT of them.
> The exception I think is the vintage geetar pedal market. Based on
> schematics, for instance, I think you could perfboard a Fuzz Face for around
> $200 _INCLUDING_ equipment investment and nice metal box panelling. That's a
> bit less than they sell for. And to say nothing about some of those rare
> Jimi-Hendrix-used-this 1 grand pedals that are nothing but a few
> transistors...