(idm) Definitive IDM Tracks (results) [LONG]

From marmoset
Sent Fri, Feb 23rd 1996, 01:03

First off, thanks to everyone who took the time to send a

I think (reaching my arms out WAYYY WIDE to give everyone
a big pat on the back) we came up with a pretty
damn good bunch of records.

I realize how hard it was  to whittle it down to 5 tracks --
my initial list had  about 20, and after cutting the fat I quickly
found myself slicing muscle (to use a particularly grisly analogy.)

I'll have a HTML-ized version of this within the next
few days, complete with artist links (where available).


These go to eleven:


<>Sent by: GD <redacted@example.com>

1. Aphex Twin - "Wet tip hen ax"
2. Plug 1 - "607"
3. Mu-ziq - "Iced Jem"
4. Autechre - "Dael"
5. Aphex Twin - "Ventolin (Asthma Beats Mix)"


<>Sent by: CiM <redacted@example.com>

Aphex Twin            : _Tha_
UR                    : _Journey of the Dragons_
Black Dog Productions : _Focus Mel_
The Black Dog         : _Chesh_
Mu-Ziq                : _Sick Porter_ (Remix)


<>Sent by: Alessandro Bianchini <redacted@example.com>

Aphex Twin -- Xtal, Pulsewidth, AcridAvid Jam
Speedy J -- Pepper, the second track on "G Spot" (sorry, I lost the liner
notes :)


<>Sent by: g303 <redacted@example.com>

LFO: _Probe (Cuba Edit)_
Polygon Window: _Polygon Window_
mu-ziq: _Die Zweite Heimat_
Black Dog: _Psil-Cosyn_
Balil: _Parasight_


<>Sent by: Phil Downey <redacted@example.com>

aphex twin - heliosphan
u-ziq - tango'n'vectif
autechre - piezo
global comm - gamma phase
polygon window - polygon window


<>Sent by: "Chris.Hilker" <redacted@example.com>

"Papua New Guinea" - Future Sound of London
"Andromeda" - Mundo Muzique
"Semi-Detached" - Orbital
"Mutant Jazz" - T Power
"Carceres ex Novum" - Xeper (AKA "Xeper!" by Black Dog)


<>Sent by: Adam J Weitzman <redacted@example.com>

Aphex Twin - "On"
Mu-Ziq - "Phi*1700[U/V]"
Amorphous Androgynous - "Liquid Insects"
Beaumont Hannant - "Teqtonik"
Autechre - "Eggshell"


<>Sent by: Davey N <redacted@example.com>



<>Sent by: redacted@example.com (babies)

Aphex Twin-Alberto Balsalm
Aphex Twin-Song 1 from Selected Ambient Works vol. II
The Black Dog-Taha
Autechre-Basscadet (Beaumont Hannant 2 mix)


<>Sent by: "The first word of this song is 'discorporate,'
            it means to leave your body." <redacted@example.com>

1. Aphex Twin -- Ventolin (Cylob Mix)
2. Autechre -- Basscadet (TAZMX) (from the "Basscad" EP)
3. u-ziq -- Balsa Lightning
4. FSOL -- Lifeforms (Path 2)
5. Plastikman -- Fuk


<>Sent by: Jeff Davis <redacted@example.com>

Classic IDM:  Link / Arcadian
Blissed-out Chillout:  Irresistable Force / Lotus Position
Acid / 303: Plastikman / Electrostatik
Best IDM Remix:  Global Communications:  Pentamerous Metamorphosis
(alpha phase)
Best Non-Electronic Sample:  u-Ziq:  Quiesope (Throwing Muses guitar
sample on In Pine Effect)


<>Sent by: redacted@example.com (Jyrki Pohjola)

1. lfo: them (Warp)
2. autechre: basscadet (bcdtmx)(Warp)
3. polygon window: quoth (Warp)
4. autechre: further (Warp)
5. o: atomit (niels bohr edit)(Pi)


<>Sent by: Jameel Amjad Syed <redacted@example.com>

Autechre/Slip (from the album Amber)
Aphex Twin/Alberto Balsam (from ICBYD)
mu-ziq/Iced Jem (from In Pine Effect)
Wagon Christ/How You Really Feel (Rissalecki ep)
FSOL/Cascade (single version)


<>Sent by: Sasha Kipervarg <redacted@example.com>

Voodoo Ray - Guy Called Gerald
Plug 1, 2, and 3
Larry Heard - Dolphin Dream
Planet Gong - Don't judge the silence
Jamie Hodge - Smyrnikoff (?) with a guitar


<>Sent by: "Matthew J. Lehrer" <redacted@example.com>

1. BFC: Evolution (Fragile)
2. The Black Dog: Psil-Cosyin (Warp)
3. Link: Antacid II (Warp)
4. Mad Mike: The Final Frontier (Underground Resistance)
5. J. Sharp/A. Turner/E. Handley: Soon (Reflective)


<>Sent by: redacted@example.com (Aran Parillo)

aphex twin - Xtal [Selected Ambient Works -- R&S]
florence   - The Vineyard [Assembled 001/002 -- eevo lute muzique]
atom heart - Evolution #9 [Semiacoustic Nature -- Rather Interesting]
cabaret voltaire - Resonator [Plasticity -- Island]
reload - Le Soleil et la Mer [A Collection of Short Stories -- Infonet]


<>Sent by: redacted@example.com (Eylon Israeli)

1. Aphex Twin - Blue Calx
2. Jake Sleazengar - Megaphonk
3. The Black Dog - Virtual Hmmmm...
4. Coil - Protection
5. Ongaku - Mihon #3


<>Sent by: redacted@example.com

'No One in the World'     W.F.O.
'Dark Smile'                  Autocreation
'Spirit Level'                   Horizon 222
'Liberation'                     Horizon 222
'Smokebelch II'              Sabres of Paradise

Special bonus honorable mention:

'Little Fluffy Clouds'        Orb


<>Sent by: Andrew Bennett <redacted@example.com>

Sun Electric's _Kitchen_
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence II
Black Dog - anything
Amorphous Androgynous - Tales of Ephidrena

Other goodies:

William Orbit - Strange Cargo III
Orbital - anything


<>Sent by: mbhpfgs <redacted@example.com>

Speedy J      De-orbit
u-ziq         u-ziq theme
Neal Howard   Indulge
Sueno Latino  Sueno Latino
Tomita        Engulfed Cathedral


<>Sent by: redacted@example.com (John Branch)

Underground Resistance-The Final Frontier
Rhythm is Rhythm-Strings of Life
Phuture-Acid Trax
Mu-ziq-Phi 1700 (u/v)
Basic Channel-Radiance II


<>Sent by: Hendrik Luuk <redacted@example.com>

   I won't mention tracks as there are whole albums worth of pointing out.

   1. Cabaret Voltaire - "The Conversation"
   2. The Orb - "Orb's adventures in the Ultraworld"
   3. Goldie - "Timeless"  -- I don't know if you consider it to be idm e.g.
      intelligent, but I certainly do. There is a real history of black
      music hidden in these tracks. Something to "think" about for sure.


<>Sent by: redacted@example.com (Seofon)

Polygon Window "Polygon Window" _Surfing_On_Sine_Waves_ (Warp)
Future Sound of London "Cascade (Part 1)" _Cascade_ (Virgin)
The Black Dog "Cost II" _Temple_of_Transparant_Balls_ (GPR)
Autocreation "Dark Smile" _Mettle_ (Inter-Modo)
Reload "Le Soleil et la Mer" _A_Collection_of_Short_Stories_ (Infonet)


<>Sent by: Dave Walker (redacted@example.com)

Aphex Twin: Xtal
Rhythm Is Rhythm: Strings of Life
Jeff Mills: Man From Tomorrow
Balil: Island
Underground Resistance: The Final Frontier


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