[AH] Bad trader warning: Chris Flynn/Roland System 700 ramblings

From Rod MacQuarrie
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

I hate to do this because I should be happy I even found a System 700, but I
must publicly post that Chris Flynn of Melbourne Australia is a bad trader
until he returns my emails and phone calls and sends me the replacement
parts for the System700 he sold me.

I know that there is a post from Paul Perry on the list stating that Chris
is a good trader (which is why I decided to go ahead and do the deal) but I
just wanted to set the record straight...Chris is definitely a bad trader.

The reasons:

1) Chris told me he would send me photos of the SYS700 but as time went on
it became evident that he would never do this. I sent him photos within the
hour of the piece I was trading him. I never received photos of the unit.
Had I seen it I would have thought twice and asked him to replace the
missing components first.
2) He sold what he called a mint piece of equipment to me which showed up
with numerous parts missing or replaced with non-stock parts and some
nonfunctioning. I've already spent a significant amount of money getting it
repaired and buying replacement parts and it's not finished yet. The ARP2600
I traded him was as mint as they come with nothing functionally or
physically wrong with it...the only thing it was missing (a rubber foot on
the keyboard) was explained to him over the phone and he said it was ok
without it.
3) He refuses to return emails or expensive phone calls despite repeated
attempts to contact him by email or phone. This was evident throughout the
transaction but after I received it he would not respond at all. I am not
the only one having these problems. Another person on the list has tried to
contact him repeatedly after transferring several $1000's of dollars into
Chris's account yet the unit has not shown up (even though Chris (through
another person) says it shipped already). Chris continues to not answer
emails or return phone calls made to him. The listmember fears he has been
4) Chris did not ship as he said he would: 2-ply double-boxed with 2-3
layers of double bubblewrap (10 cm thick) but used one 1-ply box and one
layer of bubblewrap resulting in damage to the gear and a lot of loose
screws and clasps in the packaging. I could literally touch the keyboard
when I got it. The box I sent Chris was 4-ply with bubble wrap underneath
and another layer of bubblewrap with 1-ply cardboard on top.
5) Throughout the deal, Chris sent me a) the wrong email address to
initially contact him at (I lucked out emailing him) b) the wrong phone
number to contact him at c) a wrong bank account number to transfer the
money to (I had to quickly call my bank to get them to reroute the transfer
before it showed up in someone elses account.

To Chris's credit, he did go out of his way to find the most cost-effective
shipping method to me from Australia, and he sent me one extra patchcord.
Whoopeee! He did, however, charge me for the service docs. All-in-all, I
think you will all agree with me that Chris Flynn is a bad trader.
There...hope that sets the record straight.

OK...so how do I like the System 700?

Awesome! It makes the System100m and ARP2600 seem like toys in comparison.
I'm having a lot of fun with this one and I've only been at it for 1/2 an
hour. The sound is huge, the components are of the highest quality (nothing
like the cheap ARP stuff). The sound is so big I'm surprised people compare
it to the 100m...there is no comparison! It's like the Jupiter-8 vs. the

Are there any other SYS700 users out there that want to share
patches/thoughts on the unit? I also have some questions about the Phaser
module if anyone can help...it doesn't seem to be functioning.