Quit it!

From bb09590
Sent Sat, Oct 7th 1995, 05:43

Sorry to take up mail space but this crap with complaining and whining
has gone too far.  The way I see it, the list was made to help each
other/share info about those wonderful analogs (among other things).
Why ruin what's here and give AH a bad name?  There's no reason to.
Concerning the whole rm1 situation, for the record, he bought my twin
System 100Ms at "market prices" (or whatever the hell you want to call
it) so he's not looking to exploit the list...he does have other
patchables he's willing to trade to others who want them AND he
provides the list with some good info every once in a while.  Yes, he
has questions...so does everybody.  What's wrong with this?  I think
it's blown way out of proportion.  So please, no one wants anymore
junk mail than we have to get- stop the dumb comments and leave the
dictionary at home.