Re: A-100 owners advise, please!

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 19th 1970, 01:00

>[q] Do you mean the hi-end VCO A111 is really worth it (double price...)? 
>Does a
>[q] pure, clean sine wave better?
>There's a bit audible difference. BUT, you also get Soft sync and Linear FM.

Quick question: Don't the Doepfer VCOs use Curtis 3340 oscillator chips? 
This means that you're getting an awful 'triangle' wave and a lackluster 
square. However, it sounds like they've added some waveform shaping 
circuitry after the chip due to your comments on the difference in the 
sine waves. 
Perhaps they're shaping the square and triangle from the sawtooth output. 
That would make much more sense than simply taking the chip's direct 
outputs, and would greatly improve the tonality of the module. 

Correct me, but I'm under the impression that the rest of their modules 



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