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From jdec
Sent Sun, Mar 12th 1995, 03:45

Here are my replies to a number of recent messages:
RE: Pitch to CV Conversion....
There are a number of older products that perform this
function (some better than others).  These include, but are
not limited to, the following:
o  Korg MS-03 Interface - This is a small stand-alone box
   that will convert pitch to CV and was meant to be used
   with the MS-10/20/50 Series of synthesizers.  Curiously
   enough, this unit provides BOTH Hz/V and Octave/V control
   voltage outputs.  The unit also has both positive &
   negative going trigger outputs, an envelope follower
   output, CV Hold and CV/Trig Hold Inputs, Portamento
   control, and fine tune adjustments for both the Hz/V and
   Octave/V outputs.  If anyone is interested in getting one
   of these, you might contact Danny at Keyboard Instrument
   Rentals in NYC.  His number is 212-245-0820.  He recently
   ran across someone who had one, so he might still be able
   to get it.  I was fortunate enough to find one last year
   at a music store for a mere $10.  What's even better is
   that it still had the original price tag of $300 on it!!!!
o  Korg X-911 Guitar Synth - This was another small unit
   about the size of a drum machine that performs pitch to CV
   conversion as well as featuring a built-in synth section.
   Unlike the MS-03, the X-911 only features a Hz/V CV
   output.  One nice feature on this unit is that you can
   select whether the input signal is triggering the synth
   section or whether the input signal is feed through the
   synth section (VCF/VCA/ETC).  In my opinion, the MS-03
   seemed to track an electric guitar signal a bit better
   than the X-911.  I found one of these at a computer show
   of all places last summer for a mere $55, but I just sold
   it about a week ago in order to help pay for some brand
   new Roland System 100m pieces I just purchased.
o  Roland SPV-355 - This is a two space rack unit that
   featured a dual VCO synth section (VCF/VCA/ETC).  The unit
   provides both Octave/V inputs and outputs, so it can be
   used as a stand-alone synth module in a CV setup.  Like
   the MS-03, the SPV-355 also provides an envelop follower
   output, which could be routed to another VCA or VCF in a
   modular system.  This unit will only allow the input
   signal to trigger the synth section.  Once I get the
   schematics from Roland, I plan to modify the unit so I can
   adjust how much of the input signal gets processed through
   the VCF/VCA.  There are some other nice features on this
   unit but I don't have the time to go into them right now.
   If my memory serves me right, there was some discussion
   about this unit back in either January or February.  This
   piece was just recently added to my studio setup after
   finding it at a music store still factory sealed (for
   about 10-15 years) for a mere $75.  I couldn't believe
   my eyes when I un-earthed it!!!!!  A very cool piece which
   in my mind was probably based on System 100m technology.
RE:  Rogue Music's Rack Mounted Moog Source
   I saw one of these last weekend and what they have done is
   basically cut out the membrane key section of the original
   chassis and put rack ears on each end.  I'm sure they work
   fine but they look like a total hack job.  The same goes
   with their rack-mounted Juno-106!!!!  I would never buy
   such a thing from them.  Now, if they would have designed
   an entirely new face plate such as the Studio Electronics
   rack mounted Minimoog and Oberhiem OB-8, then I wouldn't
   feel this way.  I don't remember the price they are asking
   for the Juno-106 or Source rack mounts, but you are
   definitely better off in many instances buying a Roland
   MKS-7 or a Studio Electronics SE-1, respectively!
RE:  More Books I Have For Sale
   After some of my recent travels, I have un-earthed some
   hard-to-find synthesizer books.  The following is a list
   of what I have for sale:
   o  Thomas Wells, "Technique of Electronic Music" - Qty 1
      This is the same book that I had for sale about a month
      and a half ago.  One of the people that reserved a copy
      had to back out, so I still have one left.  Once again,
      this is a great reference book on all the various
      elements of synthesis and contains great pictures and
      semi-technical diagrams.  Todd Sines, who runs this
      list, took a electronic music class from the author and
      was quoted as saying, "...This guy (the author) was
      definitely ahead of his time..."  The price on this
      book is $35.
   o  "The Roland TR-606 Handy Guide" - Qty 2
      This is one of those tall and skinny books that was
      published in conjunction with Roland and Alfred
      Publishing and was meant to be a practical addendum to
      the TR-606 Owners manual.  As the cover of the book
      states, you'll learn the following:
           o Write Rock Beats
           o Write Rock Fills
           o Write A Rhythm Chart For F 12-Bar Blues
           o Write A Rhythm Chart For A 32-Bar Tune
           o Create Your Own Rhythms And Charts
      The price on this book is $15 each.
   Please note that the prices given for each book include
   UPS Ground shipping.  If you are interested in any of
   these, please contact me at redacted@example.com or call me at
   (810) 238-6069 (Michigan, USA).  I am limiting the sale of
   these books to within the United States and Canada, since
   doing business over-seas is typically a hassle....