live sound=generic/i'm a victim, yet have a solution! :)

From taylor deupree
Sent Thu, Jul 4th 1996, 01:27

with prototype909 live, we are *very* sick of the gear we bring.. but, the
reason we need to bring 909s, and 808s, and 606s, is because of the
interface... since we keep the machines in WRITE mode all night, we hit the
buttons and re-write patterns, and get that 16-light visual feedback.
that's the interface that make these machines so popular.. however, when we
can, and for a few shows, i have brought a rack sampler, loaded with my
custom drum kits from my ms20, or whatever, and just used the 909 as a
sequencer. it gives me the same feel and interface, but with interesting
sounds. also, using something like a Doepfer sequencer allows for the
triggering of other gear, with a similar interface. so, there are ways
around it.. and unfortunately, we are guilty of being lazy a lot, and just
use the 909 sounds...

there really are TONS of ways to play live, and the more live techno that
gets out there, the more the genre, as a live genre, will grow, expand and
enrich itself. give it time. and, i dont' mind bands that use all DAT
either, as long as they put on an interesting stage show. prototype909's
stage show is ZIP, unless you're a gear geek.. but, we sacrifice our stage
show for a true LIVE sound.. on the other hand, bands who use DAT, yet
PRETEND to be doing something.. *that's* what bothers me..



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taylor deupree

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