RE: [AH] Kenton vs. Encore

Sent Mon, Jun 2nd 2008, 21:27

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I have 2 Encore Expressionists, 1 Kenton Pro-4, and a Roland MPU-101, as 
well as the Encore Source and Jupiter-8 MIDI kits, and a Kenton DCB 

If I had to pick just one, it would be the Encore Expressionist.  Each 
interface has strengths and weaknesses for driving different synths.  And 
it really depends HOW you want to use your stuff.  But overall, I still 
find the Expressionist the most flexible and powerful.  It does have a few 
drawbacks, such as slower editing, the need to "double up" CV outputs in 
order to use it to control both VCOs and VCFs, and not quite enough 
current to drive several system-100m oscillators from a single output. But 
compared to the others, it still holds up, and is both powerful enough and 
flexible enough to work magic with most any synth.  There's a mod to get 
more current to drive more oscillators if you need it.  And it's wonderful 
being able to have velocity, mod wheel, and aftertouch all sum together to 
control the filter cutoff.  If you happen to have an EDP Wasp and/or a 
Roland DCB synth, the Kenton Pro-4 has the added benefit of being able to 
control that stuff.  But otherwise, I like the Encore better.

As for the Source and JP-8 MIDI kits, I love em!  It is too bad that the 
Source looses the live performance wheel-spinning functionality, and I 
think MIDI pitch bend with oscillator sync pitches both oscillators, and 
not just the one for sync sweep effects, but the benefits are far greater 
for me. 

I'd go with Encore. 


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