[AH] (FS)Updated Doepfer, Livewire and Plan module sale - new items!

From appliancide
Sent Wed, Oct 8th 2008, 14:06

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Sorry for all of the post, but this stuff has been selling quickly, so I'm updating to avoid wasting people's time.

All modules have been babied by me and I don't smoke. Prices are all around 75% of new give or take depending on the module. I prefer to paid via paypal for the module(s) and then paid the actual shipping cost after the module(s) have been sent.

a106 xtreme filter - $120
A110 oscillator - $140
a118 noise - $68
A132 dual vca - $60
a140 envelope (with blue led)-$72
a150 dual vcs - $57
a156 dual quantizer - $132

dual bissell- $150

Plan B:
Model 15 oscillator (not the super slim one, but does have the imporved sine shaper)$250

The only trades I am interested in are for doepfoer bbd modules (already have the 1024 and 4096), the vactrol phasor, the cwejman fs or the harvestman sampler.

Thanks for the bandwidth!