Re: antihouse

From seofon
Sent Tue, Apr 18th 1995, 22:04

Once again, I've all but entirely missed the thread....

Well, the question seems to have been answered, but I can indeed confirm that
the Antihouse guy is not D Rudoph Goettel. He is one Forster David
Rudolph...I've met him a couple times as he goes to UC Berkeley, as did/will
As far as I know, neither Dave nor Jimmy has released anything previous to
this CD, except Antihouse has that track "Mercury Harbor" which appears
(typoed) on Silent Records' _From_Here_To_Tranquility_3_ compilation. The
Visible CD sounds pretty different from that, though.
While we're at it, I'll add that I think it's a fantastic CD too... probably
my favorite Visible release, and I'll second Dave's motion that track 5 (.14)
is sexy as all-git-out. It's a pretty easy album to spot...just look for a
big shopping basket on an orange cover.
And, as Dave mentioned, the Antihouse 12" should be out pretty soon. I did a
couple remixes for it that combine elements from several of the songs, but
one is mostly track 2 (.12) and the other is overwhelmingly track 6 (.16).

Finally, I'll disagree with Drukman and say that I love Not Breathing's
stuff, but then again I'm an Aphex-phreak too and we all know how he feels
about that... =)
Visible's Not Breathing 12" came out a while ago, and is jam packed with
goodies. I think I heard the CD was going to be out next month...?

And I guess I might as well toot my own horn and say that I've got a track on
a C&S compilation called _Hypnotic_States_ along with Joey Beltram,
Plastikman, Voodoo Child (Moby), and Polygon Window (RDJ)! Wow...serious
shoulder-rubbing. I think they mistitled the track though, putting
"Timeloose" instead of "Timeloop". I wish they'd put "Timeloose" on the CD
instead,'s much more interesting! Ah well.