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>Subject: analog sequencers again - yum
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>Has anyone tried out the Analogue Systems TH48?  It's about $1000 if i've
>got my conversion math right.  Is it better or worse to control CV synths
>than the MAQ16/3?  Does the MAQ have a clock trigger input?  What about
>that new Doepfer module?  Is MoogMusic(tm, r, c, inc, p) redoing the 960?
>I know i've asked it before, but maybe i'll get different answers now (well
>you never know on AH =)  Are there any decent analog sequencers for under
>$250?  (That would be 16-step ones of course, not big 48ers)

I'll try not to sound biased as I sell them, but
This is one of the main controlling bits of gear in my small analogue setup.
The TH48 is like 3 channels of ARP seq slider (but only 1 set of switches),
so you're almost getting 3 ARPs for 1 TH48.
They basically have the same features like the quantiser.
One great feature I love is the slew rate - great for adding portamento
onto filter cut-off.
I mainly use it for percussion, using the a combination step switches and
CV levels to create a rhythmic pulse hit pattern. Maybe just the shape out
(with variable pulse with) to trigger 16th HiHats type sounds - then live
you can change the pulse width to change to HH sounds and manually add in
extra beats with the switches.
I agree it's costly, but when you think in the UK an ARP seq can go for
$600 upwards, this is nearly 3 ARPs, and it's in a rack, it's perhaps not
too bad.


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