Re: [AH] Modern shit is too expensive.

From Jason Proctor
Sent Mon, Feb 18th 2008, 22:34

on the contrary, there has never been a better time to get into 
analogue, regardless of your price point.

the modern analogue scene has everything from dirt-cheap DIY (MFOS 
SoundLab, etc) to the boutique stuff you describe. and that $800 
oscillator is, if i'm thinking of the right one, the best specified 
oscillator ever and is practically a synth in and of itself. doepfer 
is cheap. is cheap. that's "modular cheap", btw, and 
modulars have never been cheap.

remember the inflated vintage analogue scene developed substantially 
from broke musicians buying 303s for $25 and getting creative with 
them. well, now those same broke creative types are doubtless having 
a ball with those hitherto expensive and now cheap FM synths, 
ROMplers, and samplers, not to mention a tsunami of software.

one wonders what the point of making cheap & nasty "analogue" synths 
out of digital CMOS chips is, when cheap hardware abounds, and 
software is effectively free.

>I don't want this to be a manifesto - that will come laster - but
>modern analog gear is too expensive. It's too "boutique." It's
>inflated in price and it's inaccessible to the people on the
>ground-level, the hungry people that are actually out there making
>great music and who are in need of quality gear but instead use
>Microkorgs and VSTi's.
>I looked at one of these modern modular manufacturers the other day,
>and this nigga had an oscillator for $800. I laughed out loud at my
>desk. I'm sure some middle-aged Emerson fan will enjoy buying it and
>not making art with it, hoarding it in his rec room.
>Somebody needs to make a line of functional and attractive modern
>synthesizers and noisemakers that are cheap and accessible to artists
>and musicians. I'm talking small, fun, cute, and maniacal, and still
>cheap. I'm talking basic 555 IC's-->LM386 designs with touch places,
>photocells, 1/8" patch points. 40106's. Everything runs on 9V
>batteries. Cute and professionally-manufactured cases and panels, and
>it all comes in for like $100 or $150 for a little hex-schmitt synth
>with a few knobs and a one-octave touch keybaord. I'm talking NOS
>membrane buttons.
>The first person to do this and do it well will make a ton of money
>and earn the respect of all of the ground-level foot soldiers out
>there that are alienated by $800 oscillators, $1,000 empty cases with
>power supplies that have to be ordered from Europe, and $2500
>"minimoog old schools." They're sick of $750 SH-101's on Ebay.
>I'd do this if I wasn't more concerned with making music and had some
>startup cash.