Re: [AH] Modular suggestions

From John Papiewski
Sent Thu, Jan 16th 1970, 01:00


If your modular budget is $10k, then cost does matter!

Depending on what you want to do with it, here are my recommendations, given
the dollar limit:

Sound Transform Serge Modular (see
Doepfer (buy a big system and have money left over for other gear!)
Wiard (I know the man who makes these - they are imaginative and excellent)
Synthesis Technology is shaping up as far as module complement goes, but
you'll have to wait some months before they get filters, sequencers, etc out
the door.
Moog CE is probably good quality, but the prices are VERY high, and, being
vintage Moog designs, not much variety/flexibility.

And of course, a whole slew of vintage gear (ARP, Moog, Buchla) on the used
market.  Might be fun/good conversation piece factor, but technically dated,
no warranty, hidden surprises.

Just my $.02

John P

"Goins, Mike (MLCC - FL)" wrote:

> I looking at buying a modular synth.  A hardware one.  Any suggestions if
> the cost did not matter?  How about less than 10k USD.