[AH] MIDI/Sync question

From David Bivins
Sent Thu, Apr 22nd 1999, 17:10


I've been working out a live set, and when I set up the instruments I
planned to use originally, all this worked--of course, I was using patch
bays, etc. and so I wasn't, unfortunately, paying enough attention to how I
had things hooked up. Now that I've isolated these instruments to simulate
not being in the studio, it doesn't work the way that I want.

Here's what I want: Using my SP-12 as master clock, I want to be able to let
everything run in sync but independently. Example: The SP-12 never stops
running, but I want to be able to stop my MPC and not have it stop
everything else. This doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?

The setup:
                  |    |
                  A    B
                  |    |
              XBase09  Kenton ProSolo (to Moog Source)
              |    |
           sync24  thru
              |      |
           TR-606  Doepfer MCV (to SH-101)

In this configuration, if I stop the MPC2000, the XBase stops. Now, I use
the 101 both slaved to MIDI and via its own arpeggiator and sequencer. When
I need the 101 to run on its own, I yank out the CV and gate connections and
use 606 triggers into the external clock input. This works fine, but
obviously the XBase needs to be running in order for it to send triggers (as
the 606 is slaved to the XBase's sync24 output).

Does anyone know a better way? One that would allow the MIDI timing
information to pass through the MIDI outputs of the MPC even when it's not
running? I don't want the SP-12's note MIDI information passing through
(although it makes some neat, albeit unplanned patterns on the XBase);
changing the channel on the XBase has eliminated this so far.

Thanks for any help you may have to offer,

David Bivins.